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What may be seen as the negative aspects of living in a family - the Christian view.

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What may be seen as the negative aspects of living in a family? Being part of a family is not always easy. People are unique and will definitely have different views from each other so it's a cosmic certainty that they will not get along from time to time. Family members can really hate each other sometimes. It is very hard to follow the teaching Ephesians 6:1&4: "Children, it is your Christian duty to respect your parents, for this is the right thing to do... Parents do not treat your children in such a way as to make them angry. Instead, bring them up with Christian discipline and instruction." If we all followed this teaching every moment of our lives, we would have a perfect family life as no child would ever be bad and ...read more.


The Bible takes this into consideration in Malachi 2:10, "Don't we all have the same father? Didn't the same God create us all? The why do we break our promises to one another, and why do we despise the covenant that God made with our ancestors?" It's not easy to all just get along perfectly. Some families just can't settle their differences and may split up: "If a man finds something displeasing in his wife he can then write her a certificate and divorce her"- Deuteronomy 24:1. Often the parents then remarry, which may be good or bad depending on which family member you are. If you are the remarrying parent, you would think this was quite good as you may feel younger and happy to marry the person you have come to love. ...read more.


Or you may all not get along which may be awkward. Rules and relationships may change as people that are not together grow apart usually; this may cause a split down the middle of the family and open up ways to play the parents against one another to get your own way. Also, if you don't see a parent as much, when you do see them, they won't want to discipline you, instead they will want to spend time with you. Although it is hard, they should all try to love each other as the what has happened cannot be reversed, "John said, <Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God>"- 1 John 4:7. It isn't all bad though, a split up could be better if it works out and people are happier that way. It could work and it is easier to be friends than hate each other. ...read more.

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