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What should Christians think of criminals?

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Explain the attitude that Christians may have towards Criminals? There are many different types of Christians and their beliefs mainly follow the same thread. In this essay I am going to explain how Christians use their knowledge from the bible to treat Criminals. In the parable of the lost son, Luke 15, v11-32; the younger son receives inheritance from his father early, so he goes away and spends it on reckless living and eventually ends up working with the pigs. He realises the error of his ways and repents and goes home. The older loyal son is jealous that the dad let him back into his life like nothing happened. Then the father says, "All I have is yours", and "my son was lost and now is found, he was dead and now is alive." This parable shows the father as being God, the young son as the people who make mistakes and repent, and the older son as believers loyal to God the father. When the father says to the loyal son "Everything I have is yours" I think this is talking about Eternal life, because in the bible God promises everyone who believes eternal life. ...read more.


The incident of the woman in adultery, John 8; 2-12, shows a lot of what Jesus was really about; fairness, justice, respect. In the story a woman has committed adultery and is brought to Jesus, the angry mob are threatening to throw stones because she has broken one of the ten commandments. Jesus said "whichever one of you has committed no sin, may cast the first stone", the crowds went away and Jesus said to the woman "I do not condemn you" and "but do not sin again." The story shows that Jesus gave people a second chance, so should all Christians, if they want to follow him. This woman was probably so scared that even the thought of the mob, deterred her from doing anything like that again. If she have had just been killed she wouldn't have chance to repent and that one second took away a beautiful life that God himself made. Also that the death penalty is not always the way, because this woman has been forgiven she now has the chance to go and change other peoples lives. ...read more.


Stephen Lawrence's parents are like Jesus because when he was killed, they announced on air that they forgave the criminals, which is a very hard thing to do. Then on the far left there is a liberal Christian, who believes in forgiveness without consequences, because God will sort it out on Judgement day and they have to stop low to punish them. Overall Christians should remember that in the bible it says when God comes back to Earth on Judgement day, he will restore the earth and punish those who need it. All those Crimes will be considered, in Gods eye all sins are equal, whether it was stealing or murder. Christians shouldn't see themselves better than the Criminals, they shouldn't try and take that role of God because he will make sure Justice is done. These stories all seem to be the same sort of thread that you need to give people second chances by helping them to repent and forgiving them, like you would want to be forgiven. Not all Christians will feel the same, as they have different perceptions of the bible, but if you really want to follow Jesus, which is what being a Christian is about, then you should want to follow these teaching and try and treat Criminals how Jesus would. ...read more.

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