Which animal in red should be supported, hunter or hunted?

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Which animal in red

should be supported,

hunter or hunted?

 I feel foxhunting is wrong, it should be banned and made totally illegal, and

in this essay I will hope to persuade of my view.

 Foxhunters and supporters of the hunt claim that when fox hunting is performed, it is engaging in ‘pest control’.

But it has been known in major fashionable hunts such as the Duke of Beaufort’s that fox cubs are reared regularly and killed on site. Film shot by anti-hunt campaigners recently showed Thomas Burton, the hunt’s terrier man, leaving food for fox cubs outside man-made chambers (15 discovered on Beaufort land in total). Campaigners sent a copy of their investigation to the Prince of Wales in an effort to encourage him to break links with the Beaufort Hunt (The Beaufort Hunt also boasts the patronage of Camilla Parker-Bowles and princes William and Harry).

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Foxhunters will also claim the death of a fox is swift and painless ‘…a quick nip on the back of the neck and it’s all over…’ if only.

The picture of a dead fox killed by hounds on 8th April 2000 is attached to this essay. A post-mortem examination of the animal revealed the following: “Radiographic study indicates no bone damage in the vertebrae of the neck…the skin and muscular tissues of the lower abdomen have been destroyed…” this means the fox’s death was caused by ‘…profound trauma by repeated dog bite.’

It known how long it takes a fox to die ...

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