Would it matter if you were swapped with a clone?

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Would it matter if you were swapped with a clone?

What makes the human race so interesting and unique is the fact that we all have different personalities; different thought processes, ideas and views. This is what separates us from other species and animals, and what makes us so extraordinary. However, what 20 years ago just seemed a far fetched concept that was destined to remain in Science Fiction novels has manifested itself into a science that can potentially cure illnesses and save endangered species. This science is of course cloning.

It is a widely held prediction that in the near future, as technology develops, that there will be a robot in every household. People would envisage this as being a helper to do menial tasks. But this is in essence the product of cloning, a ‘robot’ that cannot show true feelings and is not truly human.
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There are many controversies on the subject of cloning. There are issues on the morality of it, for a very large percentage of cloning efforts end in failure, and those that do survive often have fatal or problem causing issues in their genes. For example, it took 277 attempts to clone Dolly the sheep (the first animal to be cloned). Also cloning will stop genetic improvements to a species. This is because genetic improvements usually occur through sexual reproduction, which result in a mixing of the genes of the mother and father.

The scientific consensus is that ...

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