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Years of wisdom and experience - Across the Wire, by Luis Alberto Urrea

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Aldo L. Topete Dr. Noe English 1301 October 12, 2004 Years of wisdom and experience Across the Wire, by Luis Alberto Urrea The past of an old man living in Tijuana can reveal history and knowledge to young people. When you leave the city by the road of Ensenada, you encounter a majestic field of flowers, you can see the sea at the distance. You will see a bright red building, this is the orphanage ran by Mama and Papa T. Papa T is a reserved man to his own silence. He is a hard worker and a soldier. Like Mama his age was uncertain, Papa was ninety in 1978 and in 1999 he stilled looked like ninety. He was of short height, with dark skin, and a white sparse mustache. His eyes were brown and faded in consequence of the cataract infection, and they looked almost blue. Papa, as a young man rode a horse, riding to the desert carrying a rifle. Papa was a soldier of Pancho Villa. The orphanage was built by Papa's own hands. ...read more.


Papa later mentions a spontaneous remark to Urrea, "At least Pancho Villa was a gentleman. He let a man have self-respect." This was Papa's past experience as a soldier of Pancho Villa, a man who seemed to be his idol. One day Papa decided to leave home in search of a dream he had. Mama was sad and she cried. Papa's dream was repetitive, if you were a close friend to him he will tell you that Jesus called him. Jesus will intrude in his mind to show a barren plain. It was dead with no vegetation and isolated from any living thing. Jesus will hand him over a seed to Papa's hand, He told Papa to plant the seed where they stood, Jesus told Papa he was to build his house there. Such emotion will make Papa sensitive and he will cry. He had in mind, in his perspective, he was to die there at that moment. Papa was a tough and strong man, he was a soldier, so he decided to do what his dream told him to do. ...read more.


We make a big mistake when we do that because we are not taking advantage of the great opportunity that this aged people have, they can provide to us their wisdom, experience, and their past. We also think of their time as boring, because some of the technological advances that we have now been not present at that moment. We, the young people, think that we know it all when we are just starting to live. That shows how inexperienced and ignorant we are. However, there are times when this borders unifies, bringing together the past to the present, old people and young people, it is like a travel through time. When us, the young people, are willing to open our minds, we will discover that we can learn a lot from the old people. They are the ones who made the world we are living in today. I am not asking for mercy or compassion for this aged people, but all I ask is respect and tolerance. They can be the ones that can advise us on how to do things, remember that they have been through all that you are just going through. ...read more.

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