A Investigation to Show the Effects of Exercise on the Pulse Rate

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A Investigation to Show the Effects of Exercise on the Pulse Rate


We have been asked to investigate the effects of exercise on the pulse rate. The are a few variables that could affect the results; the mass of the person exercising, the duration of the exercise, the age of the person exercising, how long we leave for the pulse rate to go back to rest, weather its aerobic respiration or anaerobic respiration and their diet. If you have an older person doing the exercise they tend not to be as fit and their pulse rate will increase lots and will take longer to go back down to rest pulse. If you exercise over along time it will take your pulse rate longer to return to normal and the longer you exercise, the higher your pulse rate goes. If you don’t leave your pulse rate to return to rest pulse before exercising again it may effect the results. Aerobic respiration is when you make energy; Glucose + Oxygen → energy + Carbon dioxide + water vapour. But if you do Anaerobic respiration you make energy; Glucose → energy water + vapour + lactic acid. Lactic acid causes cramp so anaerobic respiration cannot be sustained for long.

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We will be investigating the duration of aerobic respiration and its effects to the pulse rate. I think that the longer you do exercise the higher your pulse rate will rise. Because the more exercise you do the more energy your muscles need, so your heart beats faster-sending blood that has oxygen and glucose dissolved in it round to the muscles and organs where respiration then takes place making energy and carbon dioxide and water vapour. I predict that the longer I exercise for the faster my pulse will go and there will be a point when it will ...

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Spelling, grammar and punctuation are fine, but the candidate should make better use of commas to communicate clearly and there are minor grammatical errors in places. The layout of the text is good as it is clearly presented in subheadings and paragraphed.

The candidate does not make it clear why the different factors may affect respiration, and it is not clear to me how anaerobic and aerobic respiration will affect the pulse rate differently. The candidate does not explain their investigation very well, such as how they are going to make sure that the different factors will not affect their experiment or why the think that there is a certain point when the pulse rate will stop rising. The graph and results pattern explained is good, but the decimal places in the results table lacks consistency. The evaluation suggests some improvements but does not really examine what may have gone wrong with the experiment.

The response to the question is okay. The candidate makes attempts to relate their observations to scientific facts, but the explanations are not done to the highest standard. The candidate also tried to carry out a valid experiment, but does not take into account confounding factors and does not take into account things that may have gone wrong in the experiment.