Alternative Power Sources.

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Alternative Power Sources Essay

The problem with fossil fuels is that they can not be used again this makes them nonrenewable they also use the earth’s valuable resources and are destroying the ozone layer. The factories where they are made take up a lot of land space, they also look dirty and produce a lot of pollution this destroys the wildlife around them. There are other much cleaner ways to get power you don’t just have to use fossil fuels this essay will explore these alternative ways.

Wave power or tidal power

This is made from a force taking the energy from a waves horizontal velocity and the energy stored in the peaks of a wave which is then converted into useful power forms. The wave’s energy comes from the sun. The sun’s rays are absorbs by the earth’s surface, and cause heating of the adjacent air, which then rises the rising of warm air and the cooler air replacing it generates winds. These winds travel across the sea, which causes friction between the air and the sea this, disturbs the surface of the sea and produces the waves. There is more energy in waves where the wind is strongest. There are a number of sites around the world where you can use in the range of 20 to 70 kilowatts per metre length of wave there is about 2 million megawatts of wave power this could make 2,000 million megawatt hours of electricity annually. Wave energy is available in both kinetic and potential energy.

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Four basic types of devices have emerged to produce wave power.

 An oscillating water column, which acts as a piston that, drives air through single, multiple turbines or a single Wells Turbine this is connected to an electrical generator.

Wave capture devices, which channel a wave into a raised reservoir, from there the trapped water flows back down to sea level through a turbine generating electricity.

Wave profile devices (for example, Salter Ducks), which float on or near the surface and take energy from the impinging wave as it passes

And point absorbers, which take ...

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