An experiment to find the heat energy in different alcohols.

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An experiment to find the heat energy in different alcohols.

In this experiment I will be burning 6 different alcohols to heat up a beaker of water. I will be burning 6 alcohols, methanol, ethanol, propanol, butanol, pentanol and hexonal. The aim is to find out how much energy is produced when burning these 6 different alcohols. Water and carbon dioxide is formed when the alcohol reacts with oxygen in the air.

The heat energy is given out when forming the bonds between the new water and carbon dioxide molecules. The specific heat capacity is the number of joules required to heat one gram of water by 1°C. I decided to choose water because it is safe and easily found. I will also need to ensure that I conduct the experiments safely. As these alcohols are very dangerous and highly flammable I will wear my safety goggles at all times. I will need to keep all lose items off clothing tucked in e.g. my tie tucked in to shirt. The lids on the alcohols must be kept on at all times to prevent evaporation of the alcohol or any spillage's.
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· Beaker

· Thermometer

· Measuring cylinder

· Weight scales

· Gauze

· Tripod

. 6 different alcohols

. Wood block

. Heat mat

. Matches

The method that I will use is as follows:

· Measure 100ml of water into a beaker.

· Record the starting temperature of the water.

· Weigh the alcohol

· put the chosen alcohol under the beaker allowing the flame to just touch bottom of the beaker.

· Leave to heat up until the temperature ...

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