Analysis Of Aspirin Tablets

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                                                                                                                 Vikesh kakad

                                           Analysis Of Aspirin Tablets



      Research Question

    The constraint given to us by the teacher was that, we had to determine, which from the three brands of Aspirin given represents the best value for money and worth purchasing?  , Using a standard solution of Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH).



             C6H5(OCOCH3)COOH + NaOH  → C6H5(OCOCH3)COO Na  +   H2O .

                    (aq)                               (aq)                     (aq)                              (l)


  Aspirin drug is the most common medicine that is taken by people, from its history salicylic acid was used as a medium of painkiller and fever depressant. Because of it being strong, salicylic acid can damage the oesophagus and stomach membranes. As time passed the compound was modified and making it safer to intake thus making it more effective. Which is what we now call as Aspirin. The effectiveness of this tablet may depend on the mass of the tablet; this is because the tablet with more mass will have more the amount of Aspirin (C9 H8 O4) that is required to cure the fever and pain in the body, thus the price will be high because of its effectiveness. Therefore the power of the tablet to fight the fever and pain will increase with the amount of Aspirin. By titration of NaOH solution to the Aspirin solution, until there is a color change that shows the completion of the reaction. This helps to determine the amount of Aspirin (C9 H8 O4) and to know which tablet represents the best value for money.  

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Independent – Mass of different brands of Aspirin tablets

-  Concentration of NaOH solution.            

Dependent    - Volume of the neutralized solution

                     - Time taken for Aspirin to dissolve in distilled water


Controlled    - Same tablets

Apparatus used for the experiment were as follows

      - Conical flask

  • Burette       ...

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