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GCSE: Organic Chemistry

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  1. Peer reviewed

    An experiment to investigate the rate of reaction between

    5 star(s)

    This will lead to more collision, so the rate of reaction will increase also. Doubling the concentration will double the number of particles and also double the number of collision, doubling the rate of reaction in direct proportion. Before I carried out my 'real' experiment, I completed a preliminary experiment. I chose to test 0.4, 1.2 and 2.0 molar. I left the reaction for a total of 25 seconds and my results are as follows. Concentration Mass before Mass after Mass change 0.4 4.99 4.72 0.27 1.2 4.98 4.49 0.49 2.0 4.99 4.01 0.98 From my results I have come to the conclusion that they do support my prediction.

    • Word count: 1522
  2. Free essay

    First aid project - treating common injuries in the laboratory.

    4 star(s)

    After all of the chemical is washed away and the burn is not painful, cover the it with a sterile dressing. Injury from breathing in fumes or swallowing chemicals- 1. Make sure the casualty is able to breathe and, if necessary, clear their airway. Check their pulse and begin CPR if necessary, but do not give mouth to mouth so as to not put yourself at risk 2. Do not make the casualty throw up, unless the Poison Control tells you to do so.

    • Word count: 1051

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