Conduction,convection and radiation

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Conduction, Convection and Radiation

  • Conduction: the transfer of heat energy through a material-without the material itself moving
  • Convection: the transfer of heat energy through a moving liquid
  • Radiation: electromagnetic radiation emitted from a hot object


Heat energy can move through a substance by conduction. Metals are good conductors of heat, but non-metals and gases are usually poor conductors of heat. Poor conductors of heat are called insulators. Heat energy is conducted from the hot end of an object to the cold end.

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The electrons in piece of metal can leave their atoms and move about in the metal as free electrons. The parts of the metal atoms left behind are now charged metal ions. The ions are packed closely together and they vibrate continually. The hotter the metal, the more kinetic energy these vibrations have. This kinetic energy is transferred from hot parts of the metal to cooler parts by the free electrons. These move through the structure of the metal, colliding with ions as they go.


Liquids and gases are fluids. The particles in these fluids can move from place ...

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