Describe examples of adaptations to the environment shown by organisms within the ecosystem.

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Science Biology  :

assignment  2 :  Describe                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            examples  of adaptations  to the environment shown by organisms  within the ecosystem ?

Rabbits :

They are small, flexible, and fast-moving. Their size helps them stay underground and in small bushes or other spaces as such. They are very flexible, which helps them run, avoid enemies, and hide. They also have very large feet that let them hop long distances and run. so they are more easily adapted to there in environment .

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Living organisms cannot live isolated from their non-living environment. Living and the non-living environment interact with each other to form a stable system. A natural self-sufficient unit of the world comprising a biotic community (living organisms) and its abiotic physic-chemical environment (non-living environment) is known as an ecosystem. The geographic area providing uniform conditions for life is called biotope. (Greek - bios-life; topes - place).

An ecosystem has two components, the physical part or biotope and living part or biotic community. Ecosystems may be natural or artificial. A pond, a lake and a forest are a few examples of ...

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