Describe the development of the theory of evolution, highlighting the processes involved.

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Describe the development of scientific theory, highlighting the processes involved.

Charles Darwin evolution theory.

This theory was first to come forth by Jean Baptiste de Lamarck who was the first French scientist, but Charles Darwin was the one who had significantly backed up evidence whereas Jean Baptiste just had an alternative theory. One of the two theory’s Jean Baptiste came up with was; an animal becomes bigger and stronger, and any feature of an animal that is improved through use is passed to its offspring.

'On The Origin of Species' was published in 1859. On The Origin of Species was a scientific literature which was discovered twenty years after his epic journey on the HMS Beagle. Whilst on this epic journey Darwin would often get off the ship as he suffered from seasickness. Darwin volunteered to study life on land, which means he would stop at different islands for a few months and observed animals to back up his theory with evidence. One the islands he did stop on were the Galapagos Island and quickly cracked on with his evolutionary theory.

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After five years Darwin came back to England in October 1836 by Charles Darwin and sent his specimens to experts to study. Darwin collected 13 similar BUT different species or finches. Each of the finch species had a unique bill specialised for particular food source.

Fossils are very hard to find, usually seen on TV or a museum, you would be really lucky to find one. Fossils are remains or traces of animals or plants that lived in the past. There are two types of fossils, body and trace. Body obviously is the remaining parts and trace is more or ...

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