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Nikita Bansal

Chemistry Standard Level

Candidate Number- 002602015

Design Lab

Chemistry Laboratory Report

To test the effect of Acid Rain on Building Material



Nikita Bansal

B.D.Somani International School

Chemistry Standard Level

Candidate Number- 002602015

Session: May 2010

Aim: To test the effect of acid rain on building materials.

Research Question: How do different concentrations of Nitric Acid (HNO3) by 2M affect the rate of reaction to completely erode limestone (Building material) keeping mass of limestone taken, volume of acid and room temperature and pressure constant?

Background Information: Acid deposition is the acidic particles that are deposited or fall to the Earth in either the wet or dry form. It includes wet depositions of both oxides of sulphur as well as oxides of nitrogen.

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Acid Rain is rain with a pH of 4.2 or lower which indicates its acidity. It is believed that the main contributors to the acidic properties of this rain are oxides of sulphur and oxides of nitrogen.

Oxides of Nitrogen are found in the atmosphere and are produced due to the following reasons:

  1. High temperature combustion in automobiles
  2. Decomposition of Nitrogen containing bacteria
  3. Lightning
  4. Industrial processes such as Nitric Acid manufacture
  5. Agricultural Burning and Forest Fires

These above methods produce Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) which is an Oxide of Nitrogen. This NO2 in the ...

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