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Diet and Breast Cancer

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Diet and Breast Cancer


        One gets cancer when nonstandard cells are produced in the person’s body. If the dysfunctional cells are not destroyed, they would multiply, and even spread to the different organs of the body. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States.

        One of the most widespread cancers is breast cancer. It is the leading form of cancer in women worldwide. Affecting 182,000 women every year in the US, the probability of getting it across all ethnic groups is the same, though the mortality rates in minority women are higher. Also, recently, local statistics show that there has been a large surge in breast cancer cases in Singapore, doubling from 27 in 100,000 to 55, making breast cancer the second most prevalent cancer in the country after colorectal cancer in both genders, the most prevalent cancer among women.

List of physical symptoms

        There are many breast cancer symptoms, including lumps near the breast or the underarm area, skin changes, rashes, breast pain, cysts, nipple discharge, inverted nipples, swelling, nipple tenderness, changes in size or shape of the breast, and pitting or ridges on the nipple or breast.

        However, most breast cancer cases do not show any obvious symptoms, or in the early stages the victim does not feel any pain. The symptoms of breast cancer might also be due to other health aliments and not cancer.

List of risk factors associated with disease

Risk factors associated with breast cancer include:

  • Being a minority woman increases death rate
  • Being a postmenopausal woman
  • Having no children/ have children late in life
  • Have family history of breast cancer(two times more the chance)
  • Getting menarche early
  • Getting nulliparity
  • Getting late menopause
  • Has occurred at young age on family member
  • Prescence of mutated BRCA-2, BRCA-1 and ATM( very high risk; but rare)
  • Going through ionizing raditation at an age below 40 years old
  • Oxidation in body cells
  • Inhaling second-hand smoke, tobacco smoking, some chemicals(cancers in general)
  • Levels of certain hormones in the body( cancers in general)
  • Maintaing good and moderate body weight; being severely overweight might increase risk in certain cancers
  • Lifestyles led; people who migrate frequently might have higher risk of cancers in general than the people in country moved to

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