Different Polymers And Their Uses.

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Designer Polymers

Shape Memory Polymers:

Shape Memory Polymers is a smart material which changes in response to its environment, E.G. the wrapping on a DVD cover is a shape memory polymer.             In short, Shape memory polymer is Shrink-Wrap.

Shrink Wrap is made from Polymers, here are some steps on how it is made;                                                      -Heat the Polyethene until it becomes a soft and floppy thick liquid. The molecules are now coiled together randomly  -Cool the liquid quickly, as it cools, quickly stretch the polymer to make a thin film of solid, the molecules are now stretched                                                               -Heat the thin film. The stretched molecules suddenly return to their coiled shaped. The film shrinks and wraps tightly around the DVD case

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Waterproof Clothing:

Waterproof clothing is made from Polymers

Clothing can be made waterproof by Synthetic Fibre (E.g. Nylon)                                                          Nylon stops water getting in, it’s strong so it stops water vapour coming in.                                            The Breathable waterproof clothing has 3 layers, (shown in diagram), Wet outer layer, the middle layer is ...

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