do sunbeds cause cancer

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Do Sunbeds cause Cancer?

Sunbeds today are becoming a rising and fashionable trend to turn yourself from a normal white person, as it is only whites that use them no offence to the black people, to someone that looks like they have just climbed out the fruit bowl: an orange. But people don’t realise that using a sunbed is exactly liked being in the sun to even dangerous. Did you know that 30 mins of sun in any weather on your face and arms is the right amount of vitamin D. So what does half an hour to an hour or more on your whole body.

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                    Ionising radiation                                 2

                    Properties of radiation                         3

                    The Electromagnetic Spectrum           4

                    What  is Cancer?                                 5

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What is Radiation?

Radiation is a general term used to describe the emission or transfer of energy, as waves or particles, through the air or other substances. Familiar kinds of radiation are the sun's rays, microwaves used for cooking in microwave ovens, radar used to track or guide planes, and radiowaves for mobile phones.

Ionising radiation

Ionising radiation from radioactivity is caused by the disintegration of an extremely small piece of matter known as a nucleus. The nucleus is itself a part of another particle known as an atom. All matter is made up of atoms.

There are various forms of ionising radiation depending on the nucleus and form of decay involved:


There are a number of  of ionising radiation and all can interact with the human body to cause damage, which depends on a number of factors:

  • the amount of radiation involved
  • the kind of ionising radiation which the body is exposed to (alpha, beta,    

                gamma, x-rays)

  • whether the radiation source is inside or outside the body
  • assuming the radiation source is inside the body, in what part of the body the source is located, how long it stays there and the type of organ which absorbs the radiation.
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Properties of radiation

  • ALPHA radiation has very little penetrating power. Materials that emit alpha radiation outside the body are harmless, since they are already stopped by the skin. But when these materials enter the body through inhalation or swallowing, they may be harmful.
  • BETA radiation is able to penetrate further through up to 1 or 2cm of tissue. Outside the body materials that emit beta radiation may be harmful to the surface tissue of the body; when such materials enter the body, they may harm the organs in which they are present.
  • GAMMA radiation penetrates even further ...

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