Effects of exercise on our heart rate.

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Juan Mena

   Effects of exercise


    on our heart rate

I am trying to carry out an investigation where I can find out about the effects of exercise on our heart rate. I will have to do various experiments with different variables such as the amount of exercise, the intensity, or the environmental conditions to obtain valid results for my investigation. I will try the experiments on two males to see if there is a difference between two people.


My prediction is that as the intensity or the length of the exercise increases the heart rate increases too, the need of oxygen in the muscle tissues due to the crave in the muscles to create the energy to keep going. I also predict that the heart rate will stay high after the exercise is finished due to the oxygen debt in the muscles and the need to recover from exercise.

Preliminary work

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I am planning to do this experiment using different variables such as length of exercise and different types of exercise to see how each of them affect it. I will repeat the experiment twice and get an average of the results to obtain the maximum accuracy.


1 step- I will take my pulse before beginning the                                                       exercise with a heartbeat monitor.

2 step- I ...

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