Eukaryotic Cells Vs Prokaryotic Cells

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Eukaryotic Cells Vs Prokaryotic Cells

Eukaryotic cells are cells characterised by having a distinct-membrane bound nucleus. A  Prokaryotic cell is an organism which lacks a true nucleus. Eukaryotic cells bond organelles such as nucleus whereas Prokaryotic cells do not allow nucleus’s to bond.

Cellular structure of both Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic cells include chloroplast, cell wall,mitochondria and also the same structure of chromosomal DNA. More than one chromosome is present in Eukaryotic cells whereas only one is present is a prokaryotic cells but is not a true chromosome they are known as plasmids. Ribosomes are present in both eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells. The ribosomes are larger in Eukaryotic cells.

Eukaryotic cells are called so because they have a true. The nucleus houses DNA, it contains a membrane and separated from other cellular structures. Prokaryotic cells however have no true nucleus. DNA in a prokaryotic cell is not separated from the rest of the cell but coiled up in a region called the nucleoid. Prokaryotes include bacteria. Eukaryotes include animals, plants, fungi and proticists. Eukaryotic cells are more complex and much larger than prokaryotic cells. Prokaryotic cells are about 10 times smaller in diameter than eukaryotic cells.

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Functions of Eukaryotic Cells:

  • Plasma membrane-It separates the contents of the cell from its outside environment, and it regulates what enters and exits the cell.
  • Cell wall-Protects the outside of the cell and gives it strength.
  • Chloroplasts-A plastid in cells which allows photosynthesis to take place.
  • Vacuole- stores a variety of nutrients to help the plant stay alive.
  • Mitochondria- Processes of respiration and energy production occur.
  • Cytoplasm- material within a living cell.
  • Golgi Vesicles- contain enzymes and other products that have been transported throughout the cell.
  • Golgi body- Flattened membranes ...

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