Examine the different methods of scientific communication

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The method of scientific communication I will be investigating will be laboratory notebooks.

Laboratory notebooks are used to write down results and any findings that are found during an experiment. Many scientists use these because they are quick and easy to use, this is done by using a pen or a pencil to write down any results that are found during the experiment as well as any changes that may be made throughout the experiment. The laboratory notebook also includes timings and other important notes of how the experiment was carried out.

The target audience of the laboratory notebook are other scientists and people who seek the results. The target audience is limited due to the importance of secrecy, this is so the results are kept safe and among only people who are eligible to know about the results.

A laboratory notebook is a good method of communication because the results are noted as soon as they are found. This shows they are reliable and can be used as secondary evidence. Another reason why it is a good method of communication is because the results and notes are made during the experiment, this means all the information is correct. There is not bias in this method this is because it only contains the findings that have been found, this makes it a primary result.

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The second method of scientific communication I will be investigating is newspapers.

Newspapers are used to show findings to the public, these findings can be very different to the actual results. Because the newspapers come from journalists the sources are not reliable because they can add their own things to the results which may be incorrect. Scientists sometimes use newspapers to introduce new things they have found such as medicines etc. They can also be used to keep the public informed about what is going on in the science industry.

The target audience of the newspapers are ...

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