Experiment Aim: To find out the end product of a chemical reaction between Copper (Cu) and Sulphur (S).

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Jeevan Karthick Thiyagarajan 8H

Chemistry Week 4 HW

Experimental Write-Up on the Reaction Between Copper and Sulphur:

Aim: To find out the end product of a chemical reaction between Copper (Cu) and Sulphur (S).


Independent Variable: Sulphur powder + copper coil

Dependent Variable: Product of the reaction

Control Variables: Length of the copper coil + the mass of the sulphur powder

Hypothesis: I predict that when Copper and Sulphur are heated in the presence of a small volume of oxygen, the two elements will chemically react to produce the substance Copper sulphate (CuSO4) a blue-coloured, compound (chemical formula: Cu + S + 2 O2 -> CuSO4). In the absence of oxygen (e.g. a vacuum), Copper and Sulphur will react to form copper sulphide (Cu2S) - a chalky compound usually in the colour of blue (chemical formula: 2 Cu + S -> Cu2S). Sulphur oxide may also form (in the presence of oxygen during the reaction) which is a choking gas that has a pungent odour. For the purpose of this reaction, we are preventing as much oxygen as possible and therefore, I predict that more copper sulphide will be formed.

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  1. Sulphur powder
  2. Copper coils
  3. Tongs
  4. Cotton wool
  5. Bunsen burner
  6. Spatula
  7. Heatproof mat


  1. A spatula full of Sulphur powder and a small piece of the Copper coil was placed into an empty test tube.
  2. Some cotton wool was pushed into the top of the test tube to prevent as much gas as possible from exiting the test tube.
  3. Observations of the substances inside the testable were recorded. And the mass of ...

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