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Explain the imagery or theme of the poem called Rising Five

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"English Exam" My town where I live in is called Pune. We are holding an important festival. The festival is celebrated like our New Year. The scene around is that we have candles lighted all over the place. We used fluorescence colours to decorate our house. During this time prayers are done to pray for good luck. Everyone is dressed in bright colorful clothes. A fair is held where everyone enjoys the wonderful moment of life. No one is lethargic here. People are dancing and singing. This is an excellent ambiance to be in during any festival and everyone in the town enjoys it. ...read more.


In this festival the fair which is held is just fantastic. The fair is situated at the centre of the town. The whole fair is surrounded by water. The colours of bright neon light reflecting on the blue crystal water just makes this place "heaven". The golden ray of the sun set also reflects on the water. The fair is enormous and it is surrounded by the biggest lake in town. The scene is awesome and everyone is so enthusiastic. They are all in their own world dancing around. The food in the fair is exotic. ...read more.


They show happiness and joy. The fair is placed in one of the palaces in town. It is very grand and there we also a little bit of the colour gold in each area to show the sign of richness. There is a colour contrast worn by every female and male. Each couple, especially the older aunties and uncles and teenagers (young adults_ were wearing matching coloured outfits. There were games being played by all of us and every winner would get a prize. The prize was grand. It would either be a trip to Thailand or they were given money. The place is beautifully decorated that it makes me say "Heaven falls here" ...read more.

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