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Factors Which Affect The Time For A Swing

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Factors Which Affect The Time For A Swing


I will be taking part in an experiment where I will be investigating the time taken for a pendulum to complete 20 swings while altering the length of the string.



When taking parts in experiments like these there are a number of things that can go wrong and be harmful to personal safety, therefore, I will state and explain all of the safety precautions you should take when carrying out this type of experiment. This is a physical experiment not a chemical experiment so in theory there shouldn’t be much that can go wrong. I would suggest the only safety hazard would be if the apparatus was left on the side of a bench, therefore to overcome this I will make sure that all of my equipment is set up in the centre of the bench so that nothing gets knocked over which could ruin the experiment or even more importantly hurt yourself.

Fair Test

It is important to make an experiment like this as fair as possible.

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reached the bottom of the swing. This follows from theLaw of Conservation of Energy which states that energy can not be created or destroyed, only transferred from one type to another.


Here are my results:

Length Of String (cm)

Mass (g)


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No significant problems or difficulties were encountered when carrying out this investigation. The accuracy and reliability of the results and conclusions are very good.


The procedure used was simple and straightforward and no difficulties were encountered. A small improvement could be made to measuring the length of the pendulum. A longer ruler, or piece of wood, could be placed level with the point of suspension, and a set square could be placed along the flat side and just touching the bottom of the pendulum. This distance could then be measured more accurately than trying to guess where the middle of the bob is. The thread used was quite stretchy. If the investigation was repeated I would replace it with something more rigid, such as extra strong piece of string. More repeats could be taken but I don't think this would add much to the accuracy of the conclusions. Overall this has been a fun and educational experiment; I would quite enjoy doing it again,

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