Global Warming and Possible Solutions.

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One World – Global Warming One World Essay

Aspect 1 (How Science is applied)

a) Natural causes
The earth climate is partly being controlled by a cycle of climate change. Climate change has been estimated to lasts for 40 000 years. The earth has perceived many different phases of temperature change through the billions of years of its history. Most of this change is due to the greenhouse effect.

The greenhouse effect is a natural process in which radiation from the space is being trapped inside the earth lower atmosphere. This is caused by greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, water vapor and methane , to create a layer in the stratosphere (a part of the atmosphere). The layer absorb some heat, but it also reflects rays back to the earth’s surface. (
Houghton Mifflin Company 2005).

a) Man-made causes
Causes that are inflicting the earth the most damage are the man-made ones. There are many different acts humans does that leads to global warming and climate change. We are burning fossil fuels to generate power (as fuel for transportation). This causes the earth to be polluted .When burning coal or oil, CO2 is released. Fossil fuels are not renewable.

The earth population is growing and so do the need of transportation. The encreased usage of cars is leading to pollution. We also need more land for agriculture and therefore we cut down trees, this leads to deforestation which harms the environment. Deforestation is to cut down trees and reduce areas of woodland which again leads to carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere. Since 50% of the trees are carbon, the storage of carbon dioxide will automatically be released.  Between 25 and 30% of all the greenhouse gases that are being released into the atmosphere is caused by deforestation. (Christopher Matthews 2008) The manure from animals is storing huge amounts of methane. This is another greenhouse gas which will escape to the atmosphere.

b) Negative Outcomes Of Global Warming 
Many problems are associated with global warming. As the temperature is increasing, the sea levels are rising and ice poles are melting.  Global warming has major negative effects on all living organisms. Animals are becoming extinct because global warming will influence life balance on earth..

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Most infrastructures are based on the current climate. The cost of rebuilding infrastructure, saving animals and humans that are being affected by climate change will have huge costs. As the climate change, the agriculture will change as well. The crops might not be able to adapt to the changing climate. Diseases might spread. (Holli Riebeek 2010)

c) Solutions to address the negative outcomes of Global Warming
The most considerable way to address the negative outcomes associated with global warming is to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere. I will focus on the solution of ...

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