How does Sulphur Dioxide effect the Germination of Cress Seeds?

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             How does Sulphur Dioxide effect the

                  Germination of Cress Seeds


Aim: The aim of this coursework is to find out how varied amount of sulphur dioxide effect the germination of cress seeds.

Safety: This experiment could be very dangerous because there are some chemicals, which are harmful for human body will be involved in this experiment. Such as sodium metabisulphite, it would damage your lungs and eyes when it mixed with gases. So, I will do the following things to prevent any accidents during the experiment.

1, I will be following the instruction when I am doing the experiment, and listened what teacher said as the experiment is processing.

2, I will wear eyes goggles to prevent the harmful gases contact with my eyes.

3, I will wear plastic gloves on all the times to prevent the chemical liquid contact with my skin.

  And if there is any chemicals contact with my skin or eyes, clean it with water immediately, and report to the teacher for helping as soon as possible.

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Fair Test: I will make sure to make my experiment as fair as possible; therefore I would get the reliable results. To make this experiment fair, I will do the following things.

1, I will same experimental equipments as the other group does.

2, I will measure (weight) the chemicals and water carefully to prevent any inaccurate results.

3, I will count the time carefully and do exactly what teacher told me to count to prevent any anomalous results.

Prediction: I predict that the proportion between water and the germination of seeds will be directly, and the proportion ...

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