Hydrogen Fuel Cells Information

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Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Hydrogen is an alternative fuel to the conventional burning of hydrocarbons from crude oil for electricity. The main advantage of Hydrogen Fuel Cells is that the only emission is water. Furthermore, this water can in fact be recycled to be used again in the Hydrogen Fuel Cells. Fuel Cells can be used to power a variety of things, from being used as a power source for electrical circuits, and possibly even being used to power entire towns. However, one of the most practical and most researched uses of HFCs is in cars, as an alternative fuel to petrol or diesel.

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Hydrogen Fuel Cells use two reactants; Hydrogen and Oxygen. These can possibly be sourced from the electrolysis of water, powered by electricity from solar panels, or wind turbines, for a fully emission-free power method. The Hydrogen enters the cell at the anode side of the cell, whereas the oxygen enters at the cathode side of the cell. There is a catalyst inside the cell, for example platinum, which catalyses the hydrogen, and causes the electron and the proton of the hydrogen atom to split. The proton passes through the polymer separating the two sides of the cell. The electron ...

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