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Investigating Osmosis in a potato

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Investigating Osmosis in a potato Typical plant cell Plants use osmosis to move water in and out of its cells, osmosis is a special type of diffusion. Osmosis happens when there is an in balance in the water potential inside the cell and it's surrounding, the water moves from a high water potential to a low water potential osmosis is a type of diffusion but only happens with a semi permeable membrane several factors could affect the rate of osmosis these are > Temperature- molecules would have more kinetic energy so increases rate of osmosis > The concentration of water- different concentrations have different mass changes > The type of potato- different types of potatoes have different molarities in the cells > Size of potato chip- larger surface area means more osmosis because more places for water to pass > The volume of solution different volumes would have more molecules in so rate would increase > If there was skin on the potato- skin would prevent osmosis from occurring at that part of potato I am going to investigate the relationship between Osmosis and concentration of sucrose solution. ...read more.


When the sucrose solution is less concentrated than the point of equilibrium the sucrose inside the cell can't get trough the semi permeable membrane so water outside the cell moves in causing the cell to gain mass I think the molarity of the potato is about .4M. Apparatus Degree of accuracy reason Chopping board na For safety 100ml beaker 25ml Each solution has same volume Boiling tube na Hold solution with potato core Boiling tube rack na To hold boiling tubes Stirring rod na Push potato core out of borer Marker pen na To identify each solution Electronic balance 0.01 (2dp) To measure the mass of potato core scalpel na To cut potato core to equal size Distilled water Water potential 0 So don't contaminate items Sucrose solutions .2Moles-1moles To get results stopwatch 0.01s To measure time passed potatoes na Same potato so each get reliable results forceps na Pick up potato lllllllllllllllllcorejjjjjjjj Cork borer 5 bore To get equal diameters of potato I will make my potato sample by using a ...read more.


of the cell whereas at higher molarities there is less water potential inside the potato so water moves out of the cell to reach equilibrium. From the graph I believe the molarity of the potato is .07M because this is where the there would be no change in mass so equilibrium would have been reached. Factor Reason How Length of potato Make it more accurate Use a ruler so all potatoes exactly the same Volume of solution Make it more accurate Use cylinders with more accurate scale repeats Make it more reliable Do another test to get average for results time Make it more accurate To let osmosis completely finish bung Make it more accurate To prevent evaporation temperature Make it more accurate and reliable Make sure all are same Electronic balance Make it more accurate Use to 3dp Wet potatoes Make it more accurate Dry them first so excess water doesn't affect true mass Number of solutions More reliable Higher number to get larger rang of results to help spot inaccuracies ...read more.

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