Investigation on the "labels on bottles" (Ions testing).

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Investigation on the "labels on bottles"

(Ions testing)


* There are many ways in which to find out what ions are contained in different compounds. When substance is mixed to make solution, precipitation reactions and reactions with gas specifically are very useful to help us out with identifying which ions are contains in the substances. This test is for negative ions.

* Ions can also be identified in a test called "Flame test". Compounds give of different colours when put into flame; a certain ion gives off a certain colour for example when potassium ion is burned, a beautiful calm lilac colour is given off and when sodium ion is burned a bright yellow colour is given off. This way we can identify which ions are present in the compounds. This test is for positive ions.

The four labels are:

. Copper Carbonate

2. Iron Chloride

3. Sodium Chloride
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4. Potassium Sulphate

My three bottles are (as observed):

a. White Crystals

b. White powder

c. Green powder

I am going to take out a test, first for the negative ions:


* The three substances

* 5 glass watches

* nichrome wire

* Bunsen burner

* Conc. HCL

* Dilute HCL


* Keep Bunsen burner away from clothes or body and place on mat.

* Caution must be taken here as concentrated HCL is very corrosive and their fumes can be ...

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