Medical Effects of Roller coasters

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Medical Effects of Rollercoasters

Statistically, a  is not very dangerous, especially if a rider is in good physical condition. Amusement park patrons are far more likely to die in accidents on the way to the park than they are to suffer injuries on a ride, assuming that the equipment is well maintained and run responsibly. Parks run many tests on their equipment to ensure that it is safe for use, including measurements designed to determine the g-forces that riders will be subject to. These facilities like their patrons healthy and alive, so they try to build rides that are fun and safe.


  • A roller coaster ride can seriously affect the cardiac health of people with heart conditions. According to this Science Daily, roller coaster loops, plunges and climbs increase the heart rate, resulting in an uneven rhythm that could increase the risk of a cardiac arrest or any other illness. Cardiologists recommend against roller coasters for individuals who have suffered a cardiac arrest have or have heart diseases.
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  • A report by Detroit's Henry Ford Hospital connects roller coaster rides with ear barotraumas. Ear barotrauma is a condition that occurs due to a abrupt change in air pressure that results from changes in the middle ear pressure and affects the eardrum.. The report by the hospital had a 24-year-old man suffering from ear barotrauma after a ride on a roller coaster at speeds of 120 miles per. 36 hours after the ride, the patient experienced pain and in his right ear. A physical examination showed the right ear suffered damage including swelling in ...

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