P2 Assessed Home-Learning Are Mobile Phones Harmful?

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P2 Assessed Home-Learning

 “Are Mobile Phones Harmful?”

A mobile phone can store or receive information in the form of sound, text, numbers and images, electronically. Microwave radiation is used to transmit signals (mobile phone calls and texts). Communications, through the use of mobile phones, are essential to modern-day life. Mobile phones use microwave radiation to send signals back and forth to a nearby phone mast. We will discuss whether the use of mobile phones poses a health risk (are harmful), or not.

“Are Mobile Phones Harmful?” – Against

Mobile phones are an essential tool in today’s life. There are many benefits that mobile phones bring in today’s day and age; faster communication, they are fun (children and adult alike) and they enable us to carry out our tasks quicker. Humans communicate to one another using mobile phones. Out of the electromagnetic spectrum of the different radiation types, microwaves and radio waves are the most suitable and most appropriate types of radiation that are and can be used, to use a mobile phone as the radiations are not absorbed by the atmosphere.  

There have been a variety of criticisms against mobile phones, such as, they have a heating effect or they cause brain cancer. Multiple studies have been carried out to date, but none have found a direct correlation between the use of mobile phones and any cases of brain cancer developing. The World Health Organisation states that:

“To date, no adverse health effects have been established for mobile phone use.”

The radiation emitted by a mobile phone isn't powerful enough to damage DNA directly to cause cancer. The radiation emitted by mobile phones is very weak as the radiation covers greater and greater distances. So, for example, if someone was to make a call in London to someone is Liverpool, the radiation would be very insignificant and weak. The heating effect of the brain through non-ionising microwave radiation is one that is dependable. From person to person, phone to phone, the effects are very different. Conducting and epidemiological study that compares two groups of people who are alike in characteristics still does not beg to differ whatever result comes out after the study has been concluded. Everyone is different and unique o the effect of radiation will differ from person to person.  The impact of radiation through the number of photons delivered and absorbed and the energy each delivers through phones differ as well.

Mobile phone masts have been designed and built with safety and precaution in mind.

There have been different laboratory tests conducted on animals, such as mice, to see the effects of radiation. There have been adverse health effects recorded in the tests. Some say that the ‘adverse health effects’ could pose a health risk towards humans. However, this is a perceived risk in what people’s opinions are about. Calculated and statistical evidence is needed as evidence and proof of a baseline that mobile phones are harmful to human beings. There is a big difference is what actual and perceived risk is, which has led to some false or unproven beliefs on what mobiles can do your health.

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To say mobile phones are completely harmless in false. There are some effects such as concentrating too long on phones (psychological effect), it may damage eye-sight, by continuously glaring down on a small screen as well as some hearing problems, but overall these effects could be definitely avoided by reducing the usage of mobile phones. There is no denying that phones do emit radio waves and microwaves, but as yet supporting evidence in favour of a link between using a mobile phones (for however long) and cancerous tumours developing is not yet brought into light. The WHO and IARC ...

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