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GCSE: Waves

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  1. Industrial Visit to USL

    This is a conflict between acceleration and the mass of the support. * But more crucially the specifics of the ultrasound technique. How sound is used to build up a picture of the inside of solid metal objects. Mechanics To enable the application of ultrasound testing it was desired by industry to have a fast rate of examination per object. Take the example of the fan blades for jet engines, before companies like USL developed machines to mount the transducers on, it took a man 2-3 hours to cover the entire surface of a fan blade, but now the same area can be covered in just 25 minuets, thanks to machine operated arms supporting the transducer.

    • Word count: 1238
  2. Strength of an Electromagnet Investigation

    * Connecting wires * Ruler * Wire component Plan 1. Collect all apparatus in the list above 2. Set up apparatus as shown in diagram 3. Check if the current in amps is correct to what is needed 4. Start experiment 5. Then repeat each experiment three times 6. Carry out the steps above for each different current setting 7. Finally, find the average for each results and record in results table Safety To make this experiment safe for myself and others I will make sure that I disconnect the power supply before connecting the wires to the apparatus.

    • Word count: 835
  3. To see which different factors affect the strength of an electromagnet

    The factor we are going to investigate is the current. This is because it will be interesting to see how the current affects the strength of the electromagnet, and this is probably the most sensible test to do, as it is methodical. I am going to test the strength of my electromagnet by seeing how many paperclips it will hold. This is being done because it will be an accurate measurement of how strong the magnet is, and I can take off and add on paperclips, depending on the strength of the magnet.

    • Word count: 697
  4. Investigation Into How the Depth of Water Affects the Speed of a Wave

    5cms is a good height because it is high enough to cause a strong wave, but not high enough to create water to spill over the container's edge. I chose 3 laps because after that the wave starts to lose momentum and slows down. Apparatus 1 Container 1 Stopwatch 1 Ruler Water Prediction I predict that the greater the depth of water, the faster the waves will travel. The reason for this is that when the water is shallow, the container bottom begins to interfere with water motion.

    • Word count: 1054
  5. Electromagnetism Investigation

    * Size of compass * Coating on wire (PVC) * Thickness of wire * Size of voltage - 12V * Type of nail Dependent Variables * Distance from electromagnet to the object. We will be measuring the distance of a compass attracted to the electromagnet. We will change only the amount of turns of the coil. We have chosen this because it the easiest variable to change therefore our results will be more precise. Prediction I predict that the more turns on the coil, the stronger the magnetic force, the further the compass will be.

    • Word count: 1024
  6. Is there any rule governing the angle light is refracted through?

    The greater the number, the slower light passes through the substance. Here are some other refractive indexes for other materials: Substance Refractive Index Speed of light Air 1.0 300,000,000 Water 1.33 225,000,000 Perspex 1.5 200,000,000 Glass 1.5 200,000,000 Diamond 2.4 120,000,000 There is another way to find the refractive index of a substance. The formula for this is: Refractive Index = Sine i Sine r This rule is called Snell's Law. Angle i is the angle of incidence and angle r is the angle of refraction.

    • Word count: 2283
  7. IB Physics Practical - Stubbiephone Wind Band

    Therefore, to vary the length of the standing wave will require the length of the bottle to be changed. One way to do this is to fill the bottle with water. Referring to figure one(b), we can see that when a bottle is filled with water, the length of the bottle is reduced from L to L2. The frequency of a note (i.e. the pitch) is determined by the frequency of the standing wave. That is, if the frequency of the standing wave is of a high value, the pitch of the note will also be high and vice-versa.

    • Word count: 1480
  8. Factors Affecting The Strength of An Electromagnet

    By introducing more current, the magnetism will increase. I also think more and more domains in magnetism will increase the magnetism in the core. The reason why I think this will happen is because solenoid are electromagnets and they creates magnetic fields when current flows through them which mean when the current increase then the flow of the current will increase the magnetism in the coil of wire. Equipment This is the list of the apparatus I will need and why it is needed: Variable resistor: -Fine control Ammeter: -Control decimal place (0.20, 0.30.)

    • Word count: 1030
  9. To investigate the resonant frequency of the fundamental mode of vibration of air in a container

    The natural frequency is that at which the system would vibrate if deflected once and then allowed to move freely. If a system is excited by the continued application of external forces at this frequency the amplitude of the oscillation will build up and may lead the destruction of the device or structure. Procedure This experiment can be investigated by using a resonance tube, and a set of tuning forks. The volume of air in the tube can be changed by moving the inner tube up and down.

    • Word count: 624
  10. Investigation into the Strength of an Electromagnet

    Scientific Explanation of my prediction The scientific explanation of this is that within electromagnets there are domains (see below), which are very small magnets within the iron core (the smallest are each 1/1000th of a mm). When no current is passing through the coils, the domains all face in different directions, so the core is not magnetic. However when current is applied through the coils, the domains begin to face in the same direction, thus making the core magnetic. The more domains are turned, the easier it is for other surrounding domains to be turned by the coils.

    • Word count: 2122
  11. The speed of waves

    Variables There are many other things that can make the speed of the wave differ. I will explain them all. First there is the depth of the water; this will change the speed because it will affect how much water the wave is going to have to carry as it travels the distance across the container. Less water will increase the speed and the more water will slow the wave. Amplitude is another factor, which might change the speed of the wave, if the container is dropped from another height for example a very high drop obviously the wave is going to have much more momentum.

    • Word count: 712

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