Planning for Lunar Observations Coursework

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Astronomy Coursework-Planning

In this coursework I will be observing the moon and its lunar features. I will observe over a number of dates and draw/replicate the image I see as accurately and precisely as possible. When drawing my observation I will be clearly highlighting major features such as the Kepler Crater, the Sea of Crises and the Caucasus Mountains.


I hope to do my observations every day. This is because as my data will not be completely accurate (as these observations are made by naked eye, and not using any equipment such as binoculars, telescopes of cameras) so I will not be able to cross-check my information, so any in-accuracies in my data will hopefully be corrected and thus my overall end result will be more reliable. As stated before, I will produce labelled drawings for each evening showing all lunar features seen with the naked eye.  My observations will be taken at both Norwich, England (Lat 52.6500° N, Long 1.2800° E) and Darmstadt, Germany (Lat 49.8667° N, 8.6500° E). All my observations will be taken in the Northern Hemisphere. Unfortunately I will not be able to go to any major close hills and the countryside on all of my observations, however on some I will be able to get quite far away from houses and any light pollution and obscuring objects.  At the time of my observations I will assess the light pollution on the Antoniadi Scale, in which you rate your observations light pollution and seeing on a scale of I-V, as shown below:

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  • I. Perfect seeing, without a quiver.
  • II. Slight quivering of the image with moments of calm lasting several seconds.
  • III. Moderate seeing with larger air tremors that blur the image.
  • IV. Poor seeing, constant troublesome undulations of the image.
  • V. Very bad seeing, hardly stable enough to allow a rough sketch to be made.

I will start my observations on Wednesday 19th of December 2012 and end on Wednesday the 30th of January 2013. Depending on the success of the data from 19th to the 26th of December I will change the rate of my observations. This will ...

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