Production of Zinc Sulphate

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Production of Zinc Sulphate


   My aim for this investigation is to make Zinc Sulphate and find the percentage yield. I am going to produce 14g of Zinc Sulphate.


  I predict that when we mix Zinc oxide (Zno) with sulphuric acid (H2so4), I will get an end product which is a cleanly white solution. The solution is Zinc Sulphate (Znso4) and water (H2o). I also predict that there are other chemicals which can also be mixed with Sulphuric acid to produce Zinc Sulphate. The chemicals are Zinc hydroxide (ZnoH) and Zinc carbonate (Znco3). I think the Zinc Sulphate produced with these different chemicals will have different reaction rates. I also think that Zinc Oxide is the compound which will produce 14g Zinc Sulphate.


   Zinc sulphate is a compound which is made up by mixing either zinc oxide, zinc carbonate or zinc hydroxide with sulphuric acid. Zinc sulphate is produced in the industry and in the laboratory.  

Description of Zinc Sulphate:

Appearance and Odour: 

White free-flowing powder (anhydrous and hydrate); anhydrous ZnSO4 is hygroscopic (absorbs moisture from the air). 

Odour Threshold: 




Exists as anhydrous salt (ZnSO4), monohydrate (ZnSO4.H2O) and heptahydrate (ZnSO4.7H20). Zinc sulphate has many similarities (properties and hazards) to other inorganic zinc salts. /Some information in this record is given specifically for zinc sulphate. Much information applies to inorganic zinc salts in general. 

Physical And Chemical Properties:

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Stability And Reactivity:

Uses of zinc sulphate:

  1. It is used to preserve fish skin.
  2. It is used as a catalyst.
  3. It is used as antalkali in printing and dyeing.
  4. It is used as raw material for production of inorganic pigments (such as lithopone).
  5. Other zinc salts such as zinc stearate and zinc carbonate are used as preservatives for wood and leather.
  6. It is used as raw material for production of lithopone and in synthetic fibre industry.
  7. It is used in zinc plating.
  8. It is used as a raw material in making ...

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