Respiration and Gaas Exchange Notes

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Respiration and Gas Exchange

Respiration: respiration is NOT breathing in and out, respiration is what happens in each cell of the body, it is the process of releasing energy from glucose and the energy is released as chemical and heat energy.

Aerobic Respiration needs plenty of oxygen: It only happens when there is a plentiful supply of oxygen and is the most efficient way to release energy from glucose.

Anaerobic Respiration doesn’t use Oxygen at all: when you are doing vigorous exercise your body can’t get enough oxygen in at the rate it’s being used so you start to respire anaerobically. If the lactic acid builds up in muscles it’s painful.

Anaerobic respiration in plants is slightly different, plants can respire without oxygen too and they produce ethanol (alcohol).

Investigation of Respiration

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We can see the bi product of CO2 due to respiration when the organisms respire to this we can test with hydrogen carbonate solution.

We can also measure the heat created by respiration by putting a thermometer in with the organism in a vacuum and then we find the temperature increase due to respiration.

Gas Exchange – Flowering plants

When plants photosynthesis they use up carbon dioxide and produce oxygen,  its vice versa when they respire.

When the plant is photosynthesising it uses a lot of carbon dioxide so there isn’t any left in the plant, this makes the carbon ...

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