Smoking is inhaling fumes of burning tobacco in a cigarette or a pipe.

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Mandeep Kamboo


Smoking is inhaling fumes of burning tobacco in a cigarette or a pipe. Tobacco first came intact with Britain in the 16th century. The first cigarette making machine went into production in the United States in the late nineteenth century. At once cigarettes became cheaper and much easier to obtain. Now 4,000,000,000,000 (4 trillion) cigarettes are sold every year. Since then it has become one of the main causes of cancer and heart disease.

Smoking has become very popular towards young and old people. There are currently 13 million adult smokers in the UK and the percentage of young smokers has increased. The proportion of those aged 11 – 15 who smoke regularly was 8% in England in 1988 but in 1996 the figure developed to 13%. Figures and facts have reported that smoking amongst boys aged 12 –17 has increased from 12% to 17% and amongst girls from 17% to 22%.

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When tobacco in inhaled, the addictive drug nicotine passes rapidly throughout the lungs into the bloodstream. It reaches the brain within a few seconds and makes the smoker feel more relaxed and calm. But while the smoker is feeling better, the ingredients of tobacco are actually causing the harm. There are a number of reasons why a person might start smoking e.g. peer pressure from friends/relatives, stress, or bullying. Once a person begins smoking there is no turning back because the drug that cigarette contains makes them addicted to smoking.

Cigarettes contain carbon monoxide – which is ...

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