Stem Cell Therapy

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        IB Biology        28 Sep. 08

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are those cells in our multi-cellular organisms which have retained their power to divide into different specialized cell types, therefore it is unspecialized. Having this unique property, the new and healthy cells made from stem cells can be used to replace damaged cells in adult organisms. Stem cells are very important to living organisms, as it is the stem cells in the blastocyst which develop different specialized cells that build up our heart, muscles, lungs, skin and other tissues.  Stem cells are also present in the blood in the umbilical cord and in some adult tissues, like the bone marrow, muscle and brain.

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Even though there are no mainstream embryonic stem cell (stem cells from blastocyst) therapies today, there are therapies which use adult stem cells. The best known of all these therapies is the bone marrow transplant, which is used to treat patients with blood or immune system disorders such as leukaemia.  Leukaemia is when leukocytes start to grow abnormally, becoming cancer. As bone marrow is the place where new blood cells are made, the marrow contains hematopoietic stem cells. This type of stem cell is responsible for creating all kinds of blood cells. Therefore, a bone marrow transplant can replace the ...

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Punctuation, grammar and spelling all to a very high standard. The candidate communicates scientific terms easily and clearly with a good paragraphing format and font.

A good introductory paragraph which introduces by a good definition of what stem cells are and their use in the body. They then go on to describe the use of stem cells in science and some of the ethical issues surrounding them, explaining the moral issues very well. They make a point and then analyse that point in relation to the view of people, or the scientific use. Their conclusion is adequate but it does not take into account the fact that they discussed moral issues with the use of stem cells.

A very good essay. The format of the essay is very good, and the candidate considers the range of scientific issues and uses of stem cells to a good level of detail. To improve the candidate should expand on their conclusion as mentioned below, and they could also discuss other views behind the use of stem cells in society and the cost of using them.