Testing Salt Solutions to See What They Contain

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Testing Salt Solutions to See What They Contain


To investigate five different salt solutions, using ion tests to find out what ions the solutions

contain, and therefore what the salt solution is.



I think that by using the following ion tests, I will be able to correctly identify the salt


The ion tests that will be used are:

"h Flame test

"h Testing with NaOH(aq)

"h Adding a little NO3

"h Adding a little NO3 and then a few drops of AgNo3

"h Adding a little HCl and then a few drops of BaCl----------2-



The apparatus that I will be using in this experiment include:

"h Bunsen burner

"h Heat proof mat

"h Test tubes

"h Test tube rack

"h Test tube holder

"h Wire on cork

"h Spatula

"h Red litmus paper

The chemicals that I will be using in this experiment include:

"h Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH)

"h Nitric Acid (NO3)

"h Silver Nitrate (AgNo3)

"h Barium Chloride (BaCl----------2)

"h Hydrochloric Acid (HCl)

"h Unknown crystals P

"h Unknown crystals Q

"h Unknown crystals R

"h Unknown solution S

"h Unknown solution T

Fair Test


To ensure that the experiment is a fair test, before each test the test tubes should be fully

washed so that any previous ions in the tube would not interfere with the current tests, and

the wire for the flame test should be properly cleaned for the same reason. The exact same

method should be used for each similar test, so that the same sorts of results are obtained.


For this experiment there are several methods as several tests need to be performed. During

this section I shall introduce each test, and how it should be performed.

Flame Test:

Firstly a bunsen burner will need to be set up, and then a wire on a cork will need to be

obtained. Once this has been done, a small sample of one of the unknown substances will need

to be collected. Before you perform the test you need to make sure that the wire on the cork is

suitably clean, and to do this you should dip the wire into some hydrochloric acid. Once the

wire has been cleaned, some of the unknown substance can be put on the end of it. If the

substance is in crystal form, the crystals can simply be put onto the end of the wire in the loop.

If the substance is in solution form however, the wire should be dipped into the solution so

that some of the liquid has stayed in the small loop. Once the substance is on the loop the wire

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should be introduced into a roaring flame and the colour of the flame should be observed and


Testing with NaOH:

The unknown substance that is being tested will need to firstly be made into a solution if it is

not already. If it is currently in crystal form, then the only thing that needs to do to make it a

solution is to add water.

Once the solution has been made, add some Sodium Hydroxide to it. Once this has been done,

the solution need to be observed and if any precipitate has been ...

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