What affects how far a ball rolls down a ramp?

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What affects how far a ball rolls down a ramp?


I am trying to find out what factors effect the distance a ball rolls when released from the top of a ramp.


The height of the ramp will change the speed and distance the ball rolls because when the ramp is higher, the ball will be higher. The higher the ball is the more gravitational potential energy it has; therefore more energy will be transferred to kinetic energy. When the length of the ramp is changed, so is its gradient, therefore the ball will roll quicker and further. The surface of the ramp can cause friction on the ball; therefore kinetic energy is lost, so the ball slows down. Different surfaces of ramp will change the speed of the ball and therefore also the distance it rolls. When the ball has rolled off the ramp it will continue to roll on the floor, different surfaces of floor will result in different amounts of friction, changing the speed of the ball, and distance it rolls. The weight of the Marble will affect the distance it roll and also the speed at which it rolls at. This is because the heavier an object is the more gravitation potential energy it could have if it was lifted. The size of the marble may also be proportional to the weight, it will also cause more friction because there will be more surface area of the ramp touching the marble, this will slow it down and decrease its rolling distance. The surface of the marble will cause friction with the ramp and floor; different surfaces will cause different amounts of friction, results in different distances rolled and speeds.

I have chosen to use the ‘Height of the ball from the ground’ as an input or control variable. I will measure the Distance the ball rolls, this will be the outcome, and this will tell me what difference the input variable makes.

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When I change the input variable, the height the ball is from the ground, I believe the Distance the ball rolls will be proportional to that change. As I increase the height of the ball from the ground, the distance it rolls will increase.

I think this because when an object is placed higher above the ground, it gains more energy; this energy is in the form of gravitational potential energy. This means it has the potential to be converted into kinetic energy through gravity. The higher something is the stronger the ...

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