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GCSE: Sociology

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    Assess the contribution of functionalism to our understanding of the family.

    4 star(s)

    New Right considered any type of family that wasn't nuclear as deviant. Thus it could be assumed that the contribution of functionalists is limited and does not significantly aid our understanding, as many of us acknowledge there are alternative family structures such as single-parent families or gay and lesbian families. Additionally in the period of the modernity there were other views of society that began to establish themselves and many that were contradicting functionalism such as feminists, that felt functionalists do not look at the negative aspects and only concentrate on the positive region.

    • Word count: 2664
  2. Peer reviewed

    To what extent have the goals of feminism been achieved?

    4 star(s)

    Another major social goal for the feminist movement is the equal treatment of women in the media, including an end to media and advertising exploitation of women's bodies. This has always been seen as a crucial area by feminists, as s*x-role theory states that men and women will mirror the characters they see in the media, meaning that they will continue with s****t stereotypes that are being shown to them. (Craig 1994) As the media is an area that has traditionally been totally dominated by males, they stereotypes used often to be prejudice against women, and even when they weren't,

    • Word count: 2052
  3. The three aims of my coursework will be: To find out whether or not women are having children later on in life. To see if it is mostly middle-class women who are being pressurised into having children later in life To find out if a womans

    I will prove my hypothesis by completing primary research such as questionnaires to women. I will use secondary research to find out if a woman's priorities have changed over the years. I will look at sociologists who have completed work that is on the same topic as mine such as interviews with women on careers and the family. I will define key sociological concepts such as family morals and sexism in careers. Methodology Having decided upon my research topic and hypothesis, the next stage of my coursework is to thin about how I might conduct my primary research.

    • Word count: 2702
  4. In what ways does education effect social changes between one generation and the next?

    According to statistics produced by the university and College Admissions Service (Ucas), the number of fulltime students accepted on to courses in 2008 rose by 10.4% - 43,197 more than the previous year - to a total of 456,627. This increasing figure clearly indicates that barriers which would have and did restrict previous generation's experiences of higher education have been limited if not entirely abolished. This in turn has had an underlying effect on the way society has been constructed.

    • Word count: 2112
  5. Sociological investigation into why do girls do better than boys in school.

    Examining secondary sources such as official statistics or studying existing books and research. I intend to ask questions and my sample will include adults in my school, pupils in my school and members of my family. I also intend to use secondary sources. I will concentrate on official statistics concerning examination results. I will look at government figures on GCSE and A-level passes. My questionnaire will concentrate on the five possible reasons why girls do better in school. This questionnaire will allow my sample to express their views. I am not going to do face-to-face interviews as it takes to much time, so I am going to do a questionnaire and I am going to get my results from a quick answer from students aged from 11-17 in my school.

    • Word count: 2391
  6. James Gilligan's Thesis on Violence

    Pinker, on the fight or flight emotions, testosterone, disruptions or inhibitying systems in the brain, etc. Reproductive success and competition for women Population pressure, scarce resources, and warfare Sociopathy 18. Culture and violence ` 19. Other factors Requirements: Paper must be a maximum of five (5) pages ONLY. Papers must be typed in 12 font, double-spaced. A minimum of 8 references (which are not the assigned readings or handouts) are required in order to provide essential evidence and support your argument. Please include these on a separate bibliography page. Three (3) citations must be from books or encyclopedias.

    • Word count: 2149
  7. Hedda Gabler and Miss Julie

    Fath?r was writt?n as a r?ply to Ibs?n's Ghosts. Although both plays ?nd with th? suicid? of th? l?ading charact?r, th? circumstanc?s by which th?y occur ar? v?ry diff?r?nt (Jorgenson, pp 231-190). R?s?arch Qu?stion H?dda Gabl?r And Miss Juli? - Did Th?y R?ally Hav? To Di?? And Should W? Car?? Lit?ratur? R?vi?w As Ibs?n's work b?gins, H?dda is at a low point, frustrat?d and bor?d aft?r r?turning from h?r hon?ymoon with T?sman. Wh?n sh? finds that Lo?vb?rg, an old flam?, is in town sh? hop?s to achi?v? som? r?fl?ct?d glory by inspiring this gift?d acad?mic. How?v?r, Mrs ?lvst?d s??ms to hav?

    • Word count: 2700
  8. Sociology - Social Inequality

    Within society, various groups have a different interpretation of what the definition of social class is; Marxists view social classes as a highly stratified system. They identify two main classes: the bourgeoisie being the ruling class and the proletariat being the working class. Membership of these classes is determined by economic factors - that is, ownership and non-ownership. The wealthy bourgeoisie owned the means of production through their ownership of property, big businesses, land and factories. The proletariat did not own any property and had to sell their labour to the bourgeoisie in order to survive.

    • Word count: 2256
  9. Illegal Immigration

    The aim of this study is to educate and inform the reader on the many impacts that illegal immigration has on New Providence. In this study we circulated a total of seventy surveys throughout the New Providence community and interviewed a variety of different people like Sloan Smith, Zeldreda Adderley from the Department of Immigration, to provide the readers with factual information from prominent organizations. After a review from the surveys and interviews we found that illegal immigration in New Providence have a myriad impacts and contributions on the New Providence community, that affect and impact different areas in different ways.

    • Word count: 2915
  10. Choose a group which faces barriers in terms of participation in sport and leisure and discuss.

    This as a percentage of the female adult population represented 37.2%. This according to the GHS is an increase of 1.9 million women since 1977. Elaine Burgess reports that the increase over the past quarter century isn't reflected in areas of women holding leadership positions in sport such as officials, coaches or administrators. (Paraphrased from an article in 'Sport & Leisure' July/Aug 1990 page 3). Women are under represented at all boards of senior levels of society, which is to say that, there are few MP's, few Judges, and few Chairpersons of major companies who are women.

    • Word count: 2957
  11. Society in thailand

    Thai People Believe Thai people strongly believe in the power of Buddha and people wear these amulets not only to seek happiness, but also to ward off pain and sorrows. Earlier these images were carved over wooden or metal piece. In olden days, Thai amulets were made out of many different ingredients such as Din, Chin, Phong, Herb etc., or any other ingredients. Today colored plastic ones have become quite popular. Majority of the inhabitants of Thailand, believe in ghosts and many of them claim to have seen them.

    • Word count: 2928
  12. Abortion among teens

    The ones that decide on the abortion are often the ones whose parents do not know about the pregnancy and they go without their parent's knowledge for an abortion. As it was stated earlier that parents should know that their daughter's are getting abortion, but in some circumstances a parent does not need to know if their daughter's are getting an abortion. There are two sides to this issue of teen abortion and parental rights that will be argued on later but first let's discuss abortion and the history of it.

    • Word count: 2529
  13. Free essay

    The changinf role of women in society

    However there are also many weaknesses you can find from looking at source A. No exact date is given in the caption above the source, a lot happened to the suffragette campaign during 1908 so it is impossible to give any idea on what the speech may have been about. So the people in the crowd could either be supporters or opponents of the suffragettes, the source is unclear in telling us which one. Also source A is only a photograph, and different people can portray photos in very different ways so it gives us no clear indication of what attitudes to the suffragettes were like in 1908.

    • Word count: 2074
  14. Effects of pollution on the Nigerian ecosystem

    Breathing clean air is also a major issue in this country, particularly in the major city centres. Air pollution is defined as the presence in the indoor or outdoor atmosphere of one or more gaseous or particulate contaminants in quantities, characteristics and of durations such as to be injurious to human, plant or animal life which interferes with enjoyment of life. Clean air has been substantially damaged in this country's environment, especially in the Niger Delta Region due to the population explosion, lack of environmental regulations, the growth of the oil industry and desertification. In the early 1990"s Nigeria was among the 50 nations with the world's highest levels of carbon dioxide emissions. How high is high?

    • Word count: 2619
  15. Why do men and women get divorced?

    The methods employed;- * I will be using the national statistics website for official statistics which will be used to collect data that will provide us with an objective measure of the social facts on the rate of divorces occurring within the last 40 years. * Another method of research will be carrying out a survey by distributing 2 questionnaires to men and women on women rights in the changing society and the effects on divorce. The first questionnaire will be given to 10 men and women within the age group of 18 - 55 to gain a balanced view.

    • Word count: 2327
  16. Sociology Content and Analisis

    They both seemed to be in love with each other and completely comfortable about talking about their future plans with me, they also seemed very honest and didn't seem to just tell me what they thought I wanted to hear. Dom my youngest participant said that he was too young to even be thinking about marriage but that if he was to end up in a serious relationship he wouldn't mind whether he married the girl or not. "I don't really see why bother, it wouldn't change anything but not getting married is better really because if you get along badly you don't have to divorce after".

    • Word count: 2394
  17. Discuss the key concepts within, and state the similarities and differences between, the following theories: Functionalism and Marxism.

    institutions rather than focusing on individual or small group interactions that would be of interest to theories such as Weber's social action theory. This particular approach is also known as a structural consensus perspective as it assumes that a certain degree of order and stability is essential in the maintenance of social systems. [The Consensus Perspective, October 3, 2006] It implies that society and social behaviour is all structured and governed by rules which appear in the form of values, providing a basic guideline for behaviour, or in the form of the more specific directives of roles and norms.

    • Word count: 2323
  18. sociology research hypothesis - Attitudes towards Arranged and Love marriages In the Indian community

    Background information - Types of arranged and love marriages Arranged marriage can mean many different things. There are different types of arranged marriages. Before, around 60 - 70 years ago or many even more, people arranged their children when they were at a very young age for example 9 months old. Children were promised at that age maybe because it was a family tradition or maybe the families knew each other and they agreed from then on. After they would have been promised they would start to talk to each other and get to know one another if they were at a suitable age.

    • Word count: 2400
  19. Changing attitudes to marriage

    Marriage patterns and changes in family diversity has became as a part of our life- we can choose freely what we want to do, as post modernists would say, our lifestyles are much more about choice rather then tradition. In the past the marriage rate was high, because it was cheap to get married, women needed lots of support (such as money), it was very expensive to divorce, it seemed deviant not to get married etc. Marriage and divorce were complicated in the past, however now things nave changed a lot and they became much easier now.

    • Word count: 2328
  20. Why are girls out-performing boys at GCSE

    Instead of fact-retention and recall, in which girls and boys are roughly equally proficient, the question now requires empathy, something that females excel in, and at which males are useless. However many disagree with the subjects being more feminine and suggest that there are other reasons such as major sporting events that distract the boys progress. On the BBC from James, UK says: Has it not occurred to anyone that the World Cup was on during the GCSE exam period?

    • Word count: 2580
  21. Gender difference

    It will also provide me the grounds to explore possible links between gender and educational success in their experience. This would be my primary research. My secondary piece of research would be to look at existing exam results from previous years and seek the more successful gender. I predict that the more successful gender would be the girls. I intend to test this predication and also find out why, during the course of this investigation. I would also look at sociologists' research on this topic and relate my findings to these theories. Some of the key concepts in my work are: * Socialisation- Boys and Girls are socialised differently and have different upbringings.

    • Word count: 2413
  22. Early sociological commentators can be characterised as either conflict or consensus theorists'. Discuss.

    different stance and developed sociological perspectives that are still used today- Marx was the founder of Marxism, (along with Engels), Durkheim is commonly associated with being one of the founders of functionalism and Weber built upon the work of Marx in developing Weberian sociology. One significant difference in the views of these sociologists that should be noted is the fact that Weber rejected the shared idea of Marx and Durkheim which suggests the "structures existed external to or independent of the individual" [Giddens 2006:18].

    • Word count: 2213
  23. Free essay

    What were the most important influences affecting middle class housing between 1918 and 1970?

    'The official preference [...] for low-density housing developments on the fringe of the built up area'4 derived partly from the moral attitudes of the Victorians which stressed the importance of light and fresh air. Living in the suburbs meant the middle class were removed from the dirt, congestion and noise of the city, and could enjoy the fresh air of the nearby countryside. It was typical for rows of semi-detached houses to be built along the length of existing arterial roads.

    • Word count: 2400
  24. Is domestic violence a purely private problem or a national social problem?

    The estimated cost of domestic violence to the public purse is staggering, with combined tangible and intangible costs of �23 billion in the UK annually (Home Office 2005:2). Faced with these startling figures, no society can afford to be complacent. This essay will attempt to highlight the fundamental role society has played in perpetuating abuse within the family unit. It will look at the family within a historic context, examining traditional attitudes and laws that not only condone abusive behaviour, but actually encourage such practices.

    • Word count: 2893
  25. Jessica Yassen's Philosophy of Meaning and Value Plan

    The personality cannot know unity and therefore cannot know the meaning of unity. There is no fixed, inherent meaning in our lives, in creation, in duality. Everything is subject to change, so all meanings will change. The meanings given to things are a complex product of culture, beliefs, personal values, philosophy, realizations, life experiences, habits, and more. Society often uses meaning to construct a coherent narrative of our lives and uses this narrative to give a context for the decisions made according to the values held.

    • Word count: 2728

Sociology is the study of societies, the ways in which they are organised and the groups of which they are comprised. You'll be studying the family, social control, gender, poverty and the world of work amongst many other topics. There will be plenty of discussion and many contentious issues to debate and you'll pick up some valuable skills along the way. In order to succeed you'll need to develop abilities in analysis and interpretation, in critically appraising ideas and policies and in expressing yourself verbally and in writing.

The assessment is done by examination and Marked by Teachers can help you gain the necessary skills. Our site has a large number of GCSE Sociology answers that you can access, gaining an insight into what makes a good essay for the subject at this level.GCSE Sociology is great preparation if you have designs on studying it at Advanced level but it is also a useful subject to have studied if you are going onto take Geography, Politics or Economics.


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