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GCSE: Sociology

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  1. Assess the view that the main function of education is to maintain value consensus in society

    I will also be reviewing briefly on how feminists see the function of education. Functionalists believe that the education maintains a value consensus in society, and therefore promotes value consensus, with the educational and economic system working hand in hand to develop the skills required for the world of work. Functionalists accept that society is corresponding to a human body, this means that if all the organs in the body work and they are healthy then there is richness and sharing of values and norms.

    • Word count: 448
  2. Discuss how far sociologists would agree that class is still important in todays society?

    This disposable income is what helps give people better life chances for them and their children. We no longer realise that someone from the working class background can be far brighter and talented than an upper class member. This gives people an inspiration to reach and overcome the fact that they are from a lower class. If they have extraordinary talent and ability they can be successful and be upgraded from their class. Whereas it could be argued that we are not all middle class since sociologists still can?t agree on how to measure class and there are still a lot of low paid and low status jobs.

    • Word count: 720
  3. Gangs and Hip-Hop

    Many popular dance crews originating from poverty-stricken areas have a history of gang affiliation. Interestingly enough, according to NPR radio, dance ?suppressed some of the violence between rival gangs? (Del Barco). Although it did not completely eliminate violence, dancing was a way for gangs to choose which one would pick the location for a fight. This may not seem like it is helping the cause too much, but it is in fact deteriorating some of the most extreme aspects of gang violence. Kenny Bermudez is a specific example of this. Growing up, he was a gang member and now he has been on the hit show which showcases talented dance crews, America?s Best Dance Crew, along with his crew ?Rhythm City?.

    • Word count: 1212
  4. How far do sociologist agree that the family benefits the needs of patriarchy?

    a father and a mother, with the father providing financial support and the mother providing emotional support, their children would be brought up in a stable home, without poverty or neglect and would not be tempted to resort to crime for financial support and will be mentally stable adults due to their healthy emotional upbringing.

    • Word count: 397
  5. Your opinion about families having less than chlildren in developed countries and about large families in poor and developing countries

    Firstly, in the developed countries people suggest that a large family would be an obstacle for a life towards to high levels of quality. they argue that spending more for the growth of their children they won?t be able to afford having a large house, a better car or traveling for holidays. People in developed countries have ranked all these things indicating a better wellbeing life, as elements which are higher in their priority index.

    • Word count: 448
  6. To what extent will the unprecedented global demographic changes impact negatively on business in the next 25 years?

    The changes in these three dimensions lead to varied changes within both demand and supply in economies. 2.0 Dominant demographic changes and influences 2.1 Population growth In the new global economy, population growth has become one of the most enthusiastic issues for the international community. The global population is increasing slowly with an annual growth rate of around 1% (CIA World Factbook, 2012). Meanwhile, population changes in different countries show quite different trends. To be more specific, some developing countries encounter a rapid population increase, for instance, India, Brazil and Nigeria.

    • Word count: 1239
  7. Development and Inequality Essay

    A vast majority of Americans had come to depend on the government or charities for their only source of food. The depression became a worldwide business recession of the 1930's that had affected almost all nations across the globe. It led to a sharp decline in world trade as each country tried to protect their own industries. The solution to this economic turmoil in America was through two actions, Franklin Roosevelt's relief programs and American industries producing war goods primarily for their Armed Forces and the British Army.

    • Word count: 1658
  8. Assess the view that gender identities are increasingly varied in todays society.

    they could not remember their fathers, this means that fathers had to re-bond with their children, playing with them and so creating the ?new man?. There has also been changes in dress codes for guys and girls. Although when we are young we are still canalised by what clothes we are given (boys blue and girls pink) as we get older we can choose what clothes to wear, and now boys are more comfortable wearing pink without being stereotyped as ?gay? and girls blue or green etc.

    • Word count: 897
  9. How far do sociologists believe that young working class men are more likely to be criminal?

    gangs, resulting in crime and deviant actions. Many factors could influence why a young person commits crime. School factors could be a vital reason as to why young people commit crime, for example, academic failure, low bonding to school, truancy and dropping out of school, frequent school transitions. Other factors like issues within the family could also influence this. Furthermore, there are statistics that show that most criminals that are convicted are 21 years old and younger, for example in 2005, 50% of criminals convicted were under the age of 21 and 25% were ages 10 ? 17 years old.

    • Word count: 821
  10. Can official statistics on crime be trusted?

    Some people are too scared to report it because they think the person might reoffend. Or some police people may not want to get involved as it is a family matter so they just tend to ignore it. often women would report their partners of s*x assault but then they take it back after a while, this may put the police off as they are working on a case and then it is suddenly withdrawn so this may be the reason why they don?t take it seriously.

    • Word count: 966
  11. The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis concludes that the language individuals speak shapes their understanding of the world

    The hypothesis supposes that the language a person speaks influences his/her thoughts. Language provides a cultural view through which a person perceives the world. Meaning, each language represents a different worldview. Our words depend on our thoughts, not vice versa, correct? We express our thoughts and feelings through the words of our language. There are certain things you are able to say in one language that may not even make sense in another; therefore, in that circumstance this hypothesis is correct. Furthermore, language and culture are very closely associated with each other.

    • Word count: 498
  12. What is anti-social behaviour? How does the government tackle it? And what would you do to tackle it?

    and environmental anti-social behaviour (fly-tipping). Anti-social behaviour can be dealt with by contacting the local authority who can apply to a court for an order to stop or prevent violent antisocial behaviour in its area, apply to a court for an order to stop public nuisance, which includes drug-dealing or take action to evict the person responsible for the behaviour, if they are a local authority tenant.

    • Word count: 397
  13. Discuss how far sociologists would agree that school factors are the most important influence on achievement?

    Because of this students who do suffer from material deprivation will be at a disadvantage to other students who do have the necessary resources when it comes to tests and exams. This is a big influence on educational achievement. Setting in classes can have a big influence on a student?s education. This is because if someone is put in a high set in school, it can influence them to do well and achieve up to their full potential. It could also be a bad influence as the work could be too difficult for the student so therefor it could cause

    • Word count: 696
  14. Is Folk Culture the true culture of ordinary British people?

    Folk culture is not shown at all in the city centre; all the shops are now big brands as this is what people want. There is a minimum amount of small shops and business? which portray folk culture. The reason there is this proportion of shops is because it is what the British people want, this is known as popular culture.

    • Word count: 488
  15. Notes on Violence in Society

    All weapons of war are designed to kill; nuclear bombs and missiles 3. The vast majority of wars have been civil wars caused by ethnic differences and poverty. 4. Of the world?s most indebted countries, 12 have suffered civil war. Angola, Central African Republic, Comoros, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Ugandan and Mozambique. 1. Is Violence ever acceptable? 1. We may or may not describe certain acts as criminal or violent depending on our culture and the circumstances in which they occur.

    • Word count: 2448
  16. Gangsters and Mafia

    In the sixties, there were groups of people with similar traits, called mafia. They seem complete opposites, but they are more similar than they may appear. As previously mentioned, gangsters are characterized as their clothes; baggy, loose hanging, plain. Mafia, on the other hand, are seen as rich, classy, people who wear fancy tailored suits. The fancy attire they wore was essentially showing off that they were richer and looked nice all the time. There are numerous movies, games, and books that support these stereotypes, and they are generally accepted as true. The reasons why they come together are also different.

    • Word count: 636
  17. How far do sociologists agree that education benefits the ruling class?

    They believe that the working class do not achieve in education because of their material deprivation and cultural deprivation meaning that the working class will not achieve as much as the ruling class, as they cannot afford to buy books, tutors or equipment like the ruling class can. Another reason Marxists agree with this statement is because they believe that through education the wealthy learn to rule, and the working class learn to be ruled. They believe that there is a hidden curriculum where the working class learn respect, authority, punctuality and hard work.

    • Word count: 831
  18. To what extent is a stable family vital for a successful society ?

    The question is: Is it vital to a successful society to have families? When we look into families, we see that family members are every person?s first teachers. We learn the basic skills of living from our families. In a stable family, one learns all the correct skills and learns to share with others. In fact, we actually learn that there are ?others? in the world from our families. If a family is dysfunctional, the children will probably learn that such behaviors as indulge by the adults in the family is not only acceptable, but actually the norm.

    • Word count: 473
  19. Adults who behave like teenagers

    Like youngsters, they lack long term projects. Their major concerns are their plans for next weekend. They do not want to settle down and tend to get involved into short or non-committed relationships. They speak tenagers' poor and rude jargon, and sort out their problems with violence. For instance, it is very common to here about mothers who want to be just like their teenaged daughters; they date men who half their age, go to the same clubs as their daughters and dress inapropiately.

    • Word count: 406

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