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GCSE: Sociology

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  1. Hilary Graham examined how social policies and social trends are making hardship an increasingly common experience for women. She published many books giving further information and research on his topic and some of her most famous publications were: U

    Hilary Graham examined how social policies and social trends are making hardship an increasingly common experience for women. She published many books giving further information and research on his topic and some of her most famous publications were: 'Understanding Health Inequalities' and 'Women, Health and the Family'. Also her most famous research study was carried out on smoking and how this tended to have an effect on women's lives. Findings from this research indicated that while men were most likely to smoke in order to gain pleasure women's reasons for turning to smoking were significantly different.

    • Word count: 541
  2. In what ways does education effect social changes between one generation and the next?

    According to statistics produced by the university and College Admissions Service (Ucas), the number of fulltime students accepted on to courses in 2008 rose by 10.4% - 43,197 more than the previous year - to a total of 456,627. This increasing figure clearly indicates that barriers which would have and did restrict previous generation's experiences of higher education have been limited if not entirely abolished. This in turn has had an underlying effect on the way society has been constructed.

    • Word count: 2112
  3. If you don't believe in God

    If I had just accepted that and told the person I was engaged to that the wedding is off, then I wouldn't care about them very much in the first place if I didn't even think about what the person had told me properly.

    • Word count: 299
  4. Religious Schools- Advantages and Disadvantages

    Gang fights between ethnic groups and terrorist attacks can be prevented by sending all students to public school. At school, they will be exposed to other religions and cultures, and eventually learn to accept others. The difference between different religions can be eliminated through interaction in a classroom. Giving religious schools preference by separating them and allowing them to study in a different school with a different social background is not only unfair to other students in public schools, but also, in a way, harming the students themselves. They get less exposed to the society they live in, and they are not fully prepared to live in such a society in future.

    • Word count: 1176
  5. Free essay

    Discuss how far sociologists would agree the usefulness of the OCS in measuring and understanding crime and deviance in society.

    As a result of this biased practises, they overall get contributed to the OCS, therefore making them less accurate. Another is a victim survey and how it may not be true/accurate. Victim survey's is when members of publics are asked to tell about a crime they have experienced whether they reported it to the police or not, meaning there is a chance that they could exaggerating what they are reporting, or being dishonest. This is the case in when women may be asked to report a crime she has been a victim of, for example r**e.

    • Word count: 765
  6. english

    for instance Medium Shot Contains a figure from the knees/waist up and is normally used for dialogue scenes, or to show some detail of action. Variations on this include the TWO SHOT (containing two figures from the waist up) and the THREE SHOT (contains 3 figures...). NB. Any more than three figures and the shot tends to become a long shot. Background detail is minimal, probably because location has been established earlier in the scene - the audience already know where they are and now want to focus on dialogue and character interation.

    • Word count: 100
  7. Sociological investigation into why do girls do better than boys in school.

    Examining secondary sources such as official statistics or studying existing books and research. I intend to ask questions and my sample will include adults in my school, pupils in my school and members of my family. I also intend to use secondary sources. I will concentrate on official statistics concerning examination results. I will look at government figures on GCSE and A-level passes. My questionnaire will concentrate on the five possible reasons why girls do better in school. This questionnaire will allow my sample to express their views. I am not going to do face-to-face interviews as it takes to much time, so I am going to do a questionnaire and I am going to get my results from a quick answer from students aged from 11-17 in my school.

    • Word count: 2391
  8. Free essay

    Gender and the Media

    A very confusing fact is that gender is not the biological difference between the sexes; it is how the sexes are perceived by society. Stereotypes are how one certain group of people are labelled, it is how society thinks all of them should behave; it is a fixed idea on how someone of a certain type should act for example the stereotype of a superhero is that they are expected to be tall, brave and valiant, strong, good looking and have some sort of superpower.

    • Word count: 1228
  9. Free essay

    Muslim Antagnonism

    United States foreign policy has always been looked at as a way of spreading freedom to countries that dictate its citizens. A strong example of this policy began when President Harry S. Truman instated Truman doctrine. These policies are approved by U.S. citizens as they believe it is a fight to stop communism which was a fear during the Cold War, due to the "domino theory" where the world would fall under communistic control over a long period of time.

    • Word count: 1369
  10. James Gilligan's Thesis on Violence

    Pinker, on the fight or flight emotions, testosterone, disruptions or inhibitying systems in the brain, etc. Reproductive success and competition for women Population pressure, scarce resources, and warfare Sociopathy 18. Culture and violence ` 19. Other factors Requirements: Paper must be a maximum of five (5) pages ONLY. Papers must be typed in 12 font, double-spaced. A minimum of 8 references (which are not the assigned readings or handouts) are required in order to provide essential evidence and support your argument. Please include these on a separate bibliography page. Three (3) citations must be from books or encyclopedias.

    • Word count: 2149
  11. Hamilton Political Views

    Certainly, the mandate was very important Hamilton, because he knew that the legislative and executive powers are not for life, which focused on the judicial system. Their ideas are presented in a seat on the Supreme Court. Despite that, Hamilton said that the Supreme Court n is not guaranteed a place for life. Since Hamilton thought the Constitution of the United States has its weaknesses, which wanted to protect the judiciary from the other two branches. Hamilton felt the only way to do it was his views on the "mandate." Article III, Section 1 of the Constitution states that "...

    • Word count: 1727
  12. Hedda Gabler and Miss Julie

    Fath?r was writt?n as a r?ply to Ibs?n's Ghosts. Although both plays ?nd with th? suicid? of th? l?ading charact?r, th? circumstanc?s by which th?y occur ar? v?ry diff?r?nt (Jorgenson, pp 231-190). R?s?arch Qu?stion H?dda Gabl?r And Miss Juli? - Did Th?y R?ally Hav? To Di?? And Should W? Car?? Lit?ratur? R?vi?w As Ibs?n's work b?gins, H?dda is at a low point, frustrat?d and bor?d aft?r r?turning from h?r hon?ymoon with T?sman. Wh?n sh? finds that Lo?vb?rg, an old flam?, is in town sh? hop?s to achi?v? som? r?fl?ct?d glory by inspiring this gift?d acad?mic. How?v?r, Mrs ?lvst?d s??ms to hav?

    • Word count: 2700
  13. drugs, lsd citzenship

    is a hallucinogenic drug meaning that it makes you see/hear things that may not be there. The effect is known as a 'trip', the 'trip' can take between 20 minutes to an hour to work and can last up to 12 hours. The experience will depend on who you are as a person and how your feeling.

    • Word count: 258
  14. Marriage and Relationships, SOCIOLOGY

    Young and Wilmott were functionalist sociologists who came up with a theory that; 'Marriage roles are becoming more equal.' They called this the Symmetrical family, this is when the husband and wife have similar roles and share tasks and work equally. They claimed to have proven this theory by interviewing 1700 or more women and only asking them one question which was "Did you're husband contribute to housework at all this week?"

    • Word count: 468

    Supply and demand is often used to determine what price is best at which to sell ? particular commodity. One of the tools used to determine this is called ? demand curve. ? demand curve is plotted onto ? graph using the supply of ? commodity on one axis and the demand of the commodity on another axis. (Nelson, 1982) Market demand ? market used to exchange the services of ? factor of production: labor, capital, land, and entrepreneurship .For instance, the labor services of workers are swaped through factor markets NOT the actual workers.

    • Word count: 4166
  16. Our Choice

    My heart was like pealed with a thunder. I was very serious that I wanted to learn violin. I also tried to ask my father. He firmly responded, "In this period all you have to do is focus on homework and stop thinking about violin." The situation is like a shooting champion police do not permit to carry a gun for patrol. The interest, ability and hope is been block and dispel. After hearing my parents' responses, I was not angry, but confused and depressed about why my parent would block the interest that their child wants. Since then, I rarely tell my parent about my thoughts and desires.

    • Word count: 1436
  17. The next stage

    I did not ever go kindergarten because I was not living in the city when I was young. In the class, my classmate were already on the times table, but I was still having trouble with the addition. The teacher put me sit away from other people. The works I got was different from others. Being the last one in the class is embarrassing. It makes me even shyer to ask for help. One more thing that I clearly remember is my pre-school teacher was recommending my parent send me to physical education major school. I was very upset when I heard it.

    • Word count: 955
  18. Sociology - Social Inequality

    Within society, various groups have a different interpretation of what the definition of social class is; Marxists view social classes as a highly stratified system. They identify two main classes: the bourgeoisie being the ruling class and the proletariat being the working class. Membership of these classes is determined by economic factors - that is, ownership and non-ownership. The wealthy bourgeoisie owned the means of production through their ownership of property, big businesses, land and factories. The proletariat did not own any property and had to sell their labour to the bourgeoisie in order to survive.

    • Word count: 2256
  19. Racial Discrimination

    It was around the beginning of October and my mom and I were just stopping to pick up some milk and bread. As we passed by the vegetable section of the store, there were three American men screaming at a Muslim girl. We just went one our merry way, but the men continued to yell at the girl cursing at her and calling her stupid. I should have said something, but I figured the parents would come back soon. It really cleared things up for me.

    • Word count: 692
  20. My aim is to investigate why Black Students deemed as trouble makers. I decided to investigate this topic, since I have many black friends who feel they are immediately stereotype when going to class.

    But the shaking of is considered hard quoted by Jonathan Blundell. Aims My aim is to investigate why Black Students deemed as trouble makers. I decided to investigate this topic, since I have many black friends who feel they are immediately stereotype when going to class. They feel I should try investigate way they are considered trouble makers, labelling seen to cause a negative effect in school.

    • Word count: 1285
  21. Gender stereotype

    A very high majority of adolescent personnel regularly read and seek guidance and advice from magazines; these could be on matters such as; latest clothing trends and new make-up phenomenon's, all in order to ensure they can look "beautiful", in fact many magazines have specific columns dedicated to fashion and make-up, persuading and brain washing these pubescent kids into what they want and ought to have, moreover usually there are also dedicated columns on the latest and craziest diets, to aid young girls gain that very much sought after "perfect figure", subsequently for the male audience, there most effective pills

    • Word count: 739
  22. Examine the functions performed by the family for individuals and society

    socialisation which is teaching the next generation the norms and values of society another function is the stabilisation of adult personalities and helps adults cope with the world by getting love and support from the family members, Parson's describes the family as a 'hot bath' that relaxes the adults of the family. Another functionalist, George Murdock argues that the nuclear family is both universal and essential for the well being of society. Murdock believes that the nuclear family teaches the next generation the socially acceptable way of having s*x, the acceptable way of having kids, it has an economical function

    • Word count: 995
  23. Why is American society so complex?

    America is often divided, largely because of its diversity. Americans are often separated by race, religion and other differences. How we interact and the decisions we make determine what kind of society we have. Since we have so many different people interacting with each other and expressing their opinions freely, the result is a complex society. There is no oppressive government who limits what people think politically or religiously and so in America there is a wide variety viewpoints. Having such a wide range of ideas and viewpoints leads to complexity.

    • Word count: 693

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