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GCSE: Sociology

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  1. Norms in Society

    From an early age, kids want to be accepted. If you look around in any social group we can see people who have the need to show off or put others down. This is because most people yearn for acceptance and desire to be "popular" or "cool." (Human Needs) In order to be accepted and to feel that approval people must follow social norms. Social norms are so deeply ingrained in the minds of individuals because they are learned at an early age through the process of socialization. As a child, individuals are taught social norms on a daily base in places such as classrooms.

    • Word count: 823
  2. Identify the Biological and Psychological explanations on crime (9)

    It explains that delinquency is caused by disturbances or abnormalities in an individual's emotional development from early childhood. Freud believes that some people have antisocial tendencies in the unconscious of their mind that branches back to a traumatic early childhood, and cause long-term psychological problems. Therefore, crime would occur if there was a malfunctioning of the Id (too much), an underdeveloped Superego (no conscience), or an overdeveloped Superego (desire to be caught and punished). However, the Psychoanalytic theory has lack of empirical support, focuses only on internal factors (excludes societal factors) and centralises on treatment rather than prevention.

    • Word count: 572
  3. Abortion essay on Islam

    Secondly the Mother: She is second because she is going to take the risk to go through pregnancy etc. the mother would Believe that termination of pregnancy should only be concerned if health and social problems included, Health: If the baby is going to expose the mother's life to danger during pregnancy, then it is the right of the mother to terminate the pregnancy. Social: She cannot look after the child, poor background, or any husband or assistance, single alone, huge family can't handle any more kids, or the children she has are all the same s*x and the child she has is still the same s*x again...

    • Word count: 934
  4. Active Citizenship

    Furthermore, if they area assisting with an expedition, they would have to have an even greater knowledge about what is required to complete the objective successfully (such as knowing about map reading or tents). All this training is important for them to be able to help us plan our D of E successfully. As we meet up regularly to check on the progress of our D of E, the instructors will be there to see if we are on target to achieve our set objectives, and their input can be important for us to have our D of E planned.

    • Word count: 1638
  5. statistical approaches to crime and deviance

    Offenders aged 18 or over leaving prison or starting a community sentence in England and Wales in the first quarter of 2006, 39 percent re-offended within one year, the lowest re-offending rate since it began. In 2007/08 around 5.5 million crimes were recorded by the police across the U.K, 72 per cent of recorded crimes in England and Wales were property crimes; these include theft and handling of stolen goods, burglary, criminal damage and fraud and forgery. Violence against the person accounted for 19 per cent of all recorded crime in England and Wales, the same as in 2006/07.

    • Word count: 1500
  6. Illegal Immigration

    The aim of this study is to educate and inform the reader on the many impacts that illegal immigration has on New Providence. In this study we circulated a total of seventy surveys throughout the New Providence community and interviewed a variety of different people like Sloan Smith, Zeldreda Adderley from the Department of Immigration, to provide the readers with factual information from prominent organizations. After a review from the surveys and interviews we found that illegal immigration in New Providence have a myriad impacts and contributions on the New Providence community, that affect and impact different areas in different ways.

    • Word count: 2915
  7. Free essay

    Poverty in the Bahamas

    With the poverty line being established the survey showed that a moderate 9.3% of Bahamians and 5% of households fell below this minimum level. To put our poverty level in perspective to the rest of the world, the Bahamas pretty well off when compared to countries like The USA with 12% or Spain with 20%. Even with our relatively low poverty rate it is important to note that we have not updated our figures in over 8 years. There are many factors, as we will see later in this report that would have lead to an increase in the poverty rate.

    • Word count: 4487
  8. Choose a group which faces barriers in terms of participation in sport and leisure and discuss.

    This as a percentage of the female adult population represented 37.2%. This according to the GHS is an increase of 1.9 million women since 1977. Elaine Burgess reports that the increase over the past quarter century isn't reflected in areas of women holding leadership positions in sport such as officials, coaches or administrators. (Paraphrased from an article in 'Sport & Leisure' July/Aug 1990 page 3). Women are under represented at all boards of senior levels of society, which is to say that, there are few MP's, few Judges, and few Chairpersons of major companies who are women.

    • Word count: 2957
  9. Does Boxing have a future?

    Instigated by deaths and injuries in the ring the legality and legitimacy of boxing has continuously been debated. There have been attempts initiated but to no avail to have boxing banned on the ground of its legality. A number of private members bills has been presented and rejected by Parliament. Boxing has tried to keep its house in order under the current climate it operates in and has made numerous internal changes in an attempt to increase safety. Examples of this can be seen with the introduction of head-guards in amateur boxing and also the significant change made in professional

    • Word count: 6173
  10. Is war really inevitable?

    However, when humans start to gather to form towns and later, cities, there was a sharp increase in the amount of violence occurring within and between these settlements. This is due to the appearance of greed and selfishness in humans because they no longer had to meet their needs themselves. They are able to obtain clothes, food, and house from various merchants and other types of professions. Quarrels between the residents of the villages could turn into riots and eventually, war.

    • Word count: 1435
  11. Sociology Investigation

    For example: in education where teachers label student due to their background, their behaviour in class, their academic performance and their attitude. The views of the teachers have an effect on the student's personality and achievement. Jonathan Blundell, Active Sociology for GCSE Research has shown that children who are predicted to be a failure or a success by a teacher's judgement are more likely to be what was predicted, as these predictions have an effect an individual's view of him of herself and his or her self esteem.

    • Word count: 5667
  12. In what ways is the family good for society?

    It is important to look after children and to ensure the child is physically and mentally healthy as it is our next generation of adults and vitally important that we teach them the rules and accepted behaviour in society.

    • Word count: 328
  13. Is the Family Universal?

    The functions served by the nuclear family are of course universal fundamentals for the survival of any society; and it is on this basis that Murdock accounts for its universality. Without provision for the first and third (s****l and reproductive), society would become extinct; for the second (economic), life itself would cease; for the fourth (educational), culture would come to an end.

    • Word count: 489
  14. Free essay

    United Nations - About poverty

    Well, I believe it is because a lot people think you are when you can't afford a new car or when you can't buy the latest electronic device. This is the producing companies fault; they make products that they want us, the consumers, to buy and when we can't buy them, it makes us feel, what we think is poor.

    • Word count: 597
  15. culture and socialization

    classes) * how such patterns generate social inequalities (e.g. gender inequality) & social conflicts III. Culture "The culture of a society is the way of life of its members, the collection of ideas and habits which they learn, share & transmit from generation to generation." (Linton) The particular content of culture varies from place to place, but all human cultures have the same basic elements: values, norms, symbols, language, and knowledge. * Value: shared general ideas about what is good, right & desirable (e.g. equality). * Norm : shared rules that prescribe the behavior appropriate in a given situation (explicit or implicit norms)

    • Word count: 699
  16. Society in thailand

    Thai People Believe Thai people strongly believe in the power of Buddha and people wear these amulets not only to seek happiness, but also to ward off pain and sorrows. Earlier these images were carved over wooden or metal piece. In olden days, Thai amulets were made out of many different ingredients such as Din, Chin, Phong, Herb etc., or any other ingredients. Today colored plastic ones have become quite popular. Majority of the inhabitants of Thailand, believe in ghosts and many of them claim to have seen them.

    • Word count: 2928
  17. Abortion among teens

    The ones that decide on the abortion are often the ones whose parents do not know about the pregnancy and they go without their parent's knowledge for an abortion. As it was stated earlier that parents should know that their daughter's are getting abortion, but in some circumstances a parent does not need to know if their daughter's are getting an abortion. There are two sides to this issue of teen abortion and parental rights that will be argued on later but first let's discuss abortion and the history of it.

    • Word count: 2529
  18. How to revise effectively?

    The best way to revise is to conduct group study. This is a nice way of doing away with the lethargic feeling. Once you know your friends are also studying the same topic it becomes much easier. I used to do the same. After selecting the topic to be revised, it is pertinent to understand the topic carefully. Find out the main concept, the key points that are to be remembered. Highlight them and start reading the entire note with maximum concentration. You may use bullets, mnemonics and patterned notes to jot down the theme and the main points.

    • Word count: 788
  19. Benefit of large families

    In a recent survey, it was shown that on average, a family will only have 2.4 children per family. According to the report, large families are more likely to expect hardship than a smaller family. This is understandable. A smaller family means fewer mouths to feed, clothes to buy and less time to have to spend on each child as a parent. Yet even though these facts may be true, on the other hand, a large family is one of the best things a person can possibly be a part of.

    • Word count: 1267
  20. The Amish have a distinctive and unique culture, do you agree?

    The Amish believe that living separately is essential for salvation. In the Amish culture rejection to violence is a norm. They believe that strife an jealousy have no place in their lives and people that don't oblige to their ways are often warned privately first then shunned after which (shunning being when you are forced to leave the community). Something central to Amish values is Gelassenheit as well as being a huge part of the religious views this idea also explains why the Amish reject such things as jewellery, make-up, hair styling, showy dress (this includes the use of buttons and hooks)

    • Word count: 1137
  21. I have chosen questionnaire for my primary research method. A questionnaire is a list of questions which will be decided earlier and will be carried out with a number if respondents every one answers the same questions,

    This will make it easy for me to correct it when I ask the question while doing the research with others. After doing my pilot study I hade lots of mistakes in my questionnaire so with the help of my friend I corrected my questionnaire. (The pilot study is in the next page) I make sure that I don't ask any questions that will offend anyone. So the information I get will be kept confidential and I will not force any one to do my questionnaire and they can stop when ever they want.

    • Word count: 1873
  22. Free essay

    Independent schools are better than state schools

    The two types of independent schools are public and private. Public schools are usually the most oldest, expensive and well known. Some examples of public schools are Eton and Harrow; these schools charge around �25,000 a year. The other type of independent schools is private schools. These are the less known schools, and charge �5,000-10,000 a year. Some examples of private schools in Leicester are St. Crispin's, Leicester Montessori and Loughborough Grammar. In this essay, I will state arguments for and against children being sent to independent schools, and then I will write a conclusion, summing up my arguments and making a decision on whether they are better.

    • Word count: 510
  23. Free essay

    The changinf role of women in society

    However there are also many weaknesses you can find from looking at source A. No exact date is given in the caption above the source, a lot happened to the suffragette campaign during 1908 so it is impossible to give any idea on what the speech may have been about. So the people in the crowd could either be supporters or opponents of the suffragettes, the source is unclear in telling us which one. Also source A is only a photograph, and different people can portray photos in very different ways so it gives us no clear indication of what attitudes to the suffragettes were like in 1908.

    • Word count: 2074
  24. Effects of pollution on the Nigerian ecosystem

    Breathing clean air is also a major issue in this country, particularly in the major city centres. Air pollution is defined as the presence in the indoor or outdoor atmosphere of one or more gaseous or particulate contaminants in quantities, characteristics and of durations such as to be injurious to human, plant or animal life which interferes with enjoyment of life. Clean air has been substantially damaged in this country's environment, especially in the Niger Delta Region due to the population explosion, lack of environmental regulations, the growth of the oil industry and desertification. In the early 1990"s Nigeria was among the 50 nations with the world's highest levels of carbon dioxide emissions. How high is high?

    • Word count: 2619
  25. cold war

    The industry employs nearly 150,000 people in the United States alone. It would be safe to say that cold war play an important role in American economics and shouldn't be taken for granted. Environmental Factors After a three month long research project, I've been able to conclude that cold war doesn't negatively effect the environment at all. A cold war did not seem to result in waste products and couldn't be found in forests, jungles, rivers, lakes, oceans, etc... In fact, cold war produced some positive effects on our sweet little nature.

    • Word count: 1220

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