All crime would be solved with longer prison sentences. Evaluate the arguments for and against.

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�All crime would be solved by longer prison sentences�

Evaluate the arguments for and against


It is difficult to prevent crime, as there are often many different reasons why a crime is committed. There are many punishments that are used for crime, including prison sentencing and the length of prisons sentences is often decided based on the severity of the crime committed. However, many people go on to reoffend after receiving short prison sentences, so would introducing longer prison sentences help solve all crime?


There are many reasons why introducing longer prison sentences would help solve all crime, one of the reasons is it would be in a way �removing� crime from society and away from potential victims, because if you're in prison, you can't commit crime (unless it�s against their fellow prisoners), therefore having criminals in prison must reduce the number of committed crimes and the longer they are in prison the longer they can�t commit crimes for.

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Another reason why introducing longer prison sentences would help solve all crime is, because it helps reform criminals, teaching them many skills, which will hopefully help them when they are released from prison and help them prevent committing further crimes. It also helps reform them through rehabilitation and giving them the change to receive an education and gain qualifications.


However all crime won�t be solved by longer prison sentences, because prison might actually lead to criminals reoffending when they are released from prison, because being around ...

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A good piece of work explaining why longer prison sentences would remove the problem of crime. There were some good examples given but there was scope to include a few more. I would also suggest that the writer indicates that they are aware of the ?revolving door? syndrome ? the fact that many offenders in prison have been inmates before therefore does prison really habilitate? The writing style is good overall. 4/5