Bullying in Britain Today

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Bullying in Britain Today

        Since the time of the Neanderthals, aggressive and violent behaviour has been a human trait. In the past, this has channelled into wars, for example, the English Civil war, caused partly by demanding money from people in the form of taxes, and burning peoples property, which is similar to playground bullying. It is possible to class tyrants as a form of bullying, causing unhappiness like bullies, just on a larger scale. Saddam Hussain is an example of forcing people to suffer and live in fear.

In the past twenty years, the number of bullying incidents has increased. Research shows that up to 75% of people are bullied at some time in their life, showing something must be done. People can be bullied at home, school, college, work or even at the football pitch.

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In order for us to fully understand bullying, an explanation of the different types should give us some clarity. Verbal, physical, emotional and psychological are all types of bullying. Verbal involves calling the victim offensive names, physical involves pushing them around or ‘beating them up,’emotional bullying can include verbal bullying, and picking on the victim’s weaknesses, for example insulting their family.  Psychological bullying can involve all of the above, and agitating the victim until they cannot cope with it any longer.

Likewise, video examples of recent case histories on a BBC programme on bullying will show personal experiences. The case ...

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