Deviance is relative. Evaluate this term

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�Deviance is relative. Evaluate this term�

Deviance can be defined as actions that go against the norms and values of a society or group an example crime. Different types of deviance can be split into 3 types, which are cross cultural deviance, situational deviance and historical deviance. However deviance can be said to be relative and things such as criminal acts are not always deviant. What is considered deviant in some societies may be normal in others.

Whether an act is deviant depends on factors such as the place, the time and the circumstances. It is impossible to label all acts and not one single act is considered deviant at all times in society. An obvious act is lawbreaking. Killing someone, for example, is seen as horrific, but it is not always seen as deviant. For example in self defence. Someone could be a victim of an armed robbery and might stab the burglar in defence. Murder would be seen as okay by most people as it is a form of self defence. Also, soldiers fighting in the war might kill lots of soldiers on the opposition, but even though they have killed people soldiers are still deemed �heros� by society and their act of killing people is not seen deviant as that is their job and what they are expected to do. This can be seen as a form of situational deviance as it is ok, due to the situation of which it is taking place.

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Deviance isn�t always associated with formal agents of social control, like the police or the laws the Government enforce. Deviant acts can take place in everyday life and an act may be seen as normal by some people, but deviant or �strange� by others. In a certain school for example a child might spend their spare time studying and teachers might be pleased with the pupil, but students might label their behaviour strange and maybe label them a �nerd� as their behaviour goes against the norms of their school, so they are being deviant.

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A good piece of work explaining why deviance is relative. Excellent examples are given to support the points being made and the 3 types of deviance. Just be mindful that certain acts may be ?understandable? rather than deemed ?ok? by most people. Proof-read carefully to eliminate grammatical errors. Having said that the writing style is good overall. 4/5