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Divorce has been one of the causes of the change in the Bahamian family structure. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons to support your answer.

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As explained in the above questions the Bahamian family structure has changed a lot over the years and is now going down the path to single family homes. There are so many social problems that affect the Bahamas and it's sad to think that the current turn toward single families is the primary cause. The social problem I speak of are Drug abuse, Teenage pregnancy, and Domestic violence. Drug abuse is defined by the Webster's dictionary as illegal or excessive drug use: deliberate use of an illegal drug or of too much of a prescribed drug. ...read more.


Teenage pregnancy is another social problem and is very common in all the questions so far. Teenage pregnancy is defined by Webster's dictionary as a pregnancy occurring in a young girl between the ages of 13 and 19. Teenage pregnancy as mentioned earlier the graduation rate for teenage mothers is low. Pregnancy requires so much that a teenager can't physically or emotionally handle going to school and preparing to give birth or take care of her baby. Most girls leave school because of embarrassment and only a few of them return to finish their education or go on to higher education. ...read more.


Exposure to violence in the home and family, and abusive role models lets the children think that violence is a normal way of life may cause them to become victims of or future abusers. Domestic violence can also cause depression on the family causing the children to lash out and cause harm on society. As we can see all of these things are the social problems that face our families and Bahamas. If the family structure is broken down by these problems, this then causes the family in turn to contribute to these social problems. So really if u look at it its just one big circle. If families suffer from the social ills, they break down and in turn contribute to the ills of society. ...read more.

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