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 Alienation has many meanings to it, but when first seen most believe it only has something to involve with social needs and community wants. But there is more to Alienation that fist thought. Alienation is either caused by oneself or caused by the wider community or the very few, this involves the most common form of alienation one of being bullied, or felt to feel that they are different so they are ostracized from the majority/mainstream and left alone, this is mainly caused either from ethnicity, race, deformities, religion and even jealousy. This can make someone feel unwanted or unnecessary and invoke depression in some as the human is programmed to be part of a wider community and this feeling upsets or even encourages the victim to distance themselves from the community as they feel that what the community says about them might be true. There may even be the Alienation from the family due to marital constraints and the child is compelled to make the choice of which person they will stay with, this makes them feel alienated from the other parent as they might like both as both might have their advantages and disadvantages. This might also lead to being abused by the parent as the child is basically being isolated or tries to avoid the parent the only person they have learnt to love due to them fearing because they might be ridiculed or abused, they feel the compelling sensation to lock themselves up or just hide away and not meet their fears. On the other side there is also the alienation from a community by the ‘superiors’ or the ‘higher authorities’ due to race or ethnicity, this leads to minority groups being gathered and persecuted either because they are those that have remained unique and haven’t conformed or they are different skinned or have different beliefs to the ruling majority, they try to fit in even though they are a smaller population and they are made to feel even more distanced due to whatever reasons, even though they might try and protest they lack the power to actually change anything, this can be particularly dangerous as vast majorities are usually wiped from countries due to the schizophrenic and mindless ideas and thoughts of the very few or even one tyrant rather than majority. This type of alienation is also achieved by many political figures to instill an iron grip on countries and to induce fear so they can rule their grandeur lives while the majorities suffer.

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  But there still are positive forms of alienation where one can distance themselves from negative influences that the community possesses, such as keeping away or leaving a distance for positive outcomes, there might even be the alienation from friends just to learn something in class and not be distracted, there are also minor forms of alienation such as playing online games most of the day because you get to play with people you know online rather than those that surround you. These are all forms of positive alienation and are usually chosen by the person rather than have it ...

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It is difficult to give feedback for this as I am not clear on which unit this work is for. Nevertheless I will give areas where the work could be improved. The lack of punctuation, specifically full stops is a problem as the readability of the work is affected. The second paragraph on page 2 for instance is (almost) one long sentence. Short sentences help in terms of structuring the ideas presented in a clear way that makes it easier for the reader to follow. 2/5