"Is there really a drugs problem today, or is it merely an invention of the Media?"

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Ozair Yaqub Year 11k

“Is there really a drugs problem today, or is it merely an invention of the Media?”

The drugs problem is a topic of major concern amongst the public. It is raised time and time again, which usually leads to general outcry. The media usually exaggerates the issue, which causes public concern to rise. It would be naïve to think that there is no drugs problem and it is purely an invention of the media. As recent statistics show that the use of Heroin itself has trebled over 3 years in the USA alone; in reality raises concern on how serious the drugs problem is world-wide. This clearly proves that there is a genuine drugs problem in society today.  

One of the main problems which society faces is the problem of tobacco. Tobacco in itself is the most lethal of drugs due to its deadly effects; such as lung cancer, emphysema, addiction to nicotine and bronchial disorders. An estimated of 15 billion cigarettes are smoked everyday world-wide. The high demand and availability of cigarettes allow more and more people to get addicted to smoking, especially our youth. In addition, tobacco advertising billboards have a mild reminder “smoking cause’s lung cancer” written below them. The government receive tax from the tobacco companies, and advertise for them knowing full well the long-term effects of smoking, and yet are hypocritical in their approach of advertising. This yet again is a “drugs problem in society”.

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The second problem society has is Alcohol. Alcohol is the most commonly consumed drug and considerably serious, consumed by all nearly all of 12 year old and above in the USA alone. In addition to this Alcohol lowers consumer’s inhibitions, which can set them up for dangerous or embarrassing behaviour. 10,000 deaths are reported each year relating to Alcohol. On the contrary adolescents who use Alcohol are more likely to become sexually active, which places them at a greater risk of HIV infection and other sexually transmitted diseases. In addition to this Alcohol is a drug which is heavily ...

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