It is not the act itself that is wrong. It is what society makes of this act that renders it a crime. Discuss.

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It is not the act itself that is wrong. It is what society makes of this act that renders it a crime. Discuss.

We all know who and what deviants are or at least we know how to recognise one when we've seen one. Deviants are those people who rebel against the norms of human society and refuse to live within the stifling rules that human being within a certain society would usually follow. These people would be drug abusers, violent thieves, or those people whom people would consider as excessively eccentric and would not be credible to the general standards of the society's "acceptability".

We know that certain laws and unofficial rules, in other words, the "norms" or "sanctions", manage human social life. However we all fail to see that at some point in our lives we all tend to be deviant or adverse to certain laws or rules. Of course if everyone had to break the laws governing a country the world would be a complete pandemonium. Take a look at the roads and streets outside: hardly any deviance going on there, (although in Malta this is rarely the case) except for a drunk driver on his way home at two in the morning. If anyone agrees to this concept then they would be wrong, because almost all drivers ignore stop signs occasionally, overleap speed limits, park on double yellow lines, or switch lanes in a tunnel. If this wasn't the case then why are there so many road accidents these days? In fact all this is the same in real life. So many teenagers have consumed alcohol or smoked cigarettes before they are 16. Many older teenagers may have tried some mild drug just for the sake of trying. Many of us have seen women strutting their stuff on streets advertising their promiscuous way of life by their degrading attire. The questions is, are all these acts really wrong or are they considered unethical just because the society renders them as deviant?
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The above examples are all illegal in the society we live in. Underage smoking and drinking, Drug use and drug possession, and prostitution are all strictly illegal in Malta. However if we had to take a look at other countries, we may find that some of these illicit actions are considered to be the norm in their society. A recent trip to Amsterdam showed me that walking into a bar that is full of smoke coming from lighted spliffs of cannabis is as normal as walking into a walking into a bar that is full of cigarette smoke ...

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