Marriage is no longer important. Evaluate the arguments for and against

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Marriage is no longer important for and against essay

Not that long ago, marriage was extremely common, but today marriage rates are decreasing and less people are getting married each year today in comparison to 30 years ago. There are many reasons for this, such as people not wanting to make a commitment, the expense of marriage or simply don’t see the point in marriage, but there are many reasons why people are continuing to get married and why marriage isn’t completely dying out, such as religious traditions. But marriage is becoming so uncommon, is it no longer important?

The first reason why marriage is no longer important is because people cohabit instead. Some people might not marry and cohabit instead, because they are not ready to make a commitment to their partner and might cohabit first instead and ‘trying before buying’, with cohabiting together as a trial run, to experience what it would be like to live with that person. People usually cohabit before marriage, as they are not ready to make such a huge commitment to someone and if they don’t get on well, they can easily split up, while if they were married and wanted to split up they would have to get a divorce, which although is a lot easier than it used to be is still a quite complicated process, sometimes having to half things like money and decide who gets the right to belongings. For example, a man with a fortune of 10 million pounds, might get married to someone and after a while, decides to get a divorce. As they are married they man might end up having to give a few million pounds in a divorce settlement to his ‘wife’, so many people cohabit as it is quite easy to separate.

 One of the reasons why marriage is no longer important, because of the expense of marriage, as marriages can cost up to the thousands of pounds. Many people don’t see the point in spending thousands of pounds on getting married and due to the current recession, lots of people are struggling financially and cannot afford it, so decide to just ‘cohabit’ together. Many university students might simply cohabit together, as they can’t afford a wedding and some people actually end up continuing to cohabit each other for the rest of their life without getting married, even they do eventually get enough money, but however some do get married after getting the expenses for a wedding.

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Marriage is also no longer important, because some just don’t see the point in it and don’t see it any different than a relationship, with marriage just being ‘a piece of paper’. Lots of people don’t bother getting married and believe you can still be in a strong relationship with a person and love the without getting married and having a big wedding ceremony and signing ‘a piece of paper’ won’t make two people love each other anymore. For example, a woman might love her husband lots and after living together for three years, decide to get married. After they ...

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An interesting piece of work looking at the pros and cons of marriage. Relevant examples for both sides of the argument were given. The writer could also have mentioned the relaxation of the laws governing divorce and the reduction in the length of time one has to have been married before petitioning for divorce. Be careful of wording your work in such a way that it would appear that assumptions are being made (see page 2-3). Proof-read carefully to eliminate grammatical errors. Having said that the writing style is good overall. 4/5